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Bernie Madoff Dies in Prison @ 82

Bernie Madoff, mastermind of vast Ponzi scheme, dies in federal prison at age 82

The famous Finance Swindler died on the 104th day of the year:

"Finance" = 104 (Jewish)

"Swindler" = 104 (English Ordinal)

Bernie Madoff was serving a 150-year sentence.


Charles Ponzi

Bernie Madoff has reportedly died on April fourteenth at the age of 82.

April fourteenth = 82 and 188, Bernard Lawrence Madoff = 188

Madoff is infamous for pulling off the largest Ponzi scheme in history. A “Ponzi” scheme is named after Charles Ponzi.

Ponzi was born in the year ‘82

Ponzi died 8 months, 20 days after Madoff’s birthday:

Ponzi’s scheme was first revealed in an article published on August 2nd, or 8/2:McMasters went to Grozier, his former employer, with this information. Grozier offered him $5,000 for his story, which was printed in the Post on August 2, 1920. McMaster's article declared Ponzi hopelessly insolvent, reporting that while he claimed $7 million in liquid funds, he was actually at least $2 million in debt.

Technology developed at Madoff’s firm was ultimately used to establish the NASDAQ exchange.

Madoff’s operation was exposed 13,820 days after NASDAQ was established:

NASDAQ was founded on February 8th, or 8/2.

Guilty Plea

Bernie Madoff plead guilty on March 12th, 2009, a date with 44 and 17 numerology:(3) + (12) + (20) + (09) = 44 and 3 + 1+2 + 2+0+0+9 = 17

Madoff died a span of 4417 days after his guilty plea:

Kill = 44, 17, and 59

Today has Primary numerology of 59:(4) + (14) + (20) + (21) = 59

Charles Ponzi also went by the name Carlo Bianchi.

"Carlo Bianchi" = 59 (Full Reduction)

Madoff died a span of exactly 631 weeks after his guilty plea:

631 is the 115th Prime number

Killing = 115 in both Reverse and Jewish

"Ponzi scheme" = 1150 (English Extended)

More Ponzi Connections

Notice Ponzi’s death date – January 18th, or 1/18. This number is coded into Madoff’s name.

"Bernard Lawrence Madoff" = 118 (Reverse Reduction)

Death and Homicide both = 118 Jewish

Madoff died 50,811 days after Charles Ponzi was born:

The date written 8/11, August 11th, is when it “all came crashing down” for Charles Ponzi:

Birth Connections

Bernie Madoff had a Life Lesson number of 54:(4) + (29) + 1+9+3+8 = 54

The 54th Prime number is 251

Bernie was born exactly 20510 days (or exactly 2930 weeks) after Charles Ponzi:

This is part of the ongoing Revelation riddle I’ve been posting about ever since the Ever Given was birthed from the Suez Canal on 29/3.

Revelation of Jesus Christ, Second coming of Jesus Christ, and The Reut

293 is the 62nd Prime number

Bernie Madoff, Bernard Madoff, and Bernard all = 62

Charles Ponzi was born on the 62nd day of the year:

Charles Ponzi died 6 weeks, 2 days before his birthday:

Madoff plead guilty in 2009, when his birthday fell on a date with 62 numerology:(4) + (29) + (20) + (09) = 62

The number Sixty-two has gematria of 1949.

"Sixty-two" = 1949 (Jewish)

Charles Ponzi died in 1949

The Return of Jesus Christ = 1949 Jewish and 1939 English

Bernie Madoff was born in 1938

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