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New Video in the Works

This Blog might look a little slow this week…I’m currently putting a lot of focus into the recent Suez Canal riddle and how it ties in to the “Revelation” code that has been so prevalent ever since the plandemic began last year.

For several years, I’ve been teaching about the importance of the two Great American Eclipses, but only a tiny handful of times have I mentioned that I think it could be that a certain group of people believe their Messiah is on its way. Since my post on The Return of the King, I’ve been focusing a bit more closely on some of the numbers I found to be relevant and I no longer have any question that events dating back to at least the 1950’s, and probably well before that, have been coded in accordance with eclipses of this year, particularly the total lunar eclipse of May 26th.

I’ve noticed that some of my work lately has sent some people into a bit of a frenzy about what’s going to happen this year. While the occult will undoubtedly continue pushing their agenda, understand, they have a long ways to go and are not without resistance. My current belief is that what is being portrayed as the most dangerous, frightening period of modern times is simply a cover for what will actually be the most enlightening, thrilling period we as a species have experienced in hundreds, if not thousands of years.

There still shouldn’t be anything other than God to fear. The “rapture” people either fear or welcome has likely already begun.

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