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Referee in Ivory Coast / Ethiopia Soccer Match Also Collapses

My last post was about a referee in a college basketball game passing out, as a riddle related to the crucifixion of Jesus. It was 3/30, a date with 74 numerology, the two most recognizable numbers of the riddle.

A commenter then pointed me to this news story:Referee Charles Bulu: Ghanaians react to compatriot's collapse during Cote d'Ivoire vs Ethiopia Afcon qualifier

Ghanaian referee passed out during the game’s 81st minute:

Ghanaian referee = 81 in both Reduction methods

Ghanaian official = 116 and 316

I recently realized another reason 116 is significant – not only is it an upside-down 911, like 9/11, the date many believe to be Jesus’ birthday. It also has matching Latin/Jewish gematria with Jesus.

One hundred sixteen and Jesus both = 985 Jewish

The 985 is found in the gematria of the two nations in the game – Ivory Coast & Ethiopia, which also have the same digits as Jesus Christ in Latin:

Ivory Coast - Ethiopia = 1985 and 1725, Jesus Christ = 1275

Ivory Coast is also known as Cote d’Ivoire, but this still has the same digits.

"Cote d'Ivoire - Ethiopia" = 1257 (Jewish)

The George Floyd trial is currently in the news. Floyd died in a crucifixion ritual at the age of 17025 days old in connection to Loyd Jowers.

"Jowers" = 1725 (Jewish)

Two referees collapsing on the same day as a crucifixion riddle reminds me of the collapse of the Twin Towers. On that day, A.A. (11) Flight 11, piloted by AttA, first struck the buildings in the shape of an 11th in the 11th state on the 11th day of the month, on what might be Jesus’ real birthday.

The 119th Triangular number is 7140. The officials passed out 7140 days after the 9/11 attacks.

George Floyd = 119 and 714

"Africa Cup of Nations" = 1019 (English Extended)

The referee who collapsed in the Africa Cup of Nations tournament is named Bulu.

Bulu and Jesus both = 11 Reduction

Jesus is the Son of God. The Magic Square of the Sun adds up to 666.

Ivory Coast - Ethiopia and Six hundred sixty-six both = 95 and 103

Charles Bulu, the official from Ghana, collapsed in a game won by Ivory Coast the same day as an official named Bert Smith in collapsed during a college basketball game.

"Charles Bulu" = 507 (Satanic)

"Ghana" = 57 (Jewish)

"Ivory Coast" = 57 (Single Reduction)

"Bert Smith" = 57 (Reverse Reduction)

It was 57 days before the “Revelation” lunar eclipse of May 26th. The Moon has a 57° range of declination.57 Days

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

In ancient Hebrew, the word for eclipse sums to 57:

Headline Gematria

I don’t do headline gematria very often anymore, as my posts tend not to lack enough material. But this is a good one:

“Referee Charles Bulu: Ghanaians react to compatriot’s collapse during Cote d’Ivoire vs Ethiopia Afcon qualifier” = 1031

"Crucifixion" = 131 (English Ordinal)

1031 is the 173rd Prime number

"Ten thirty-one" = 173 (English Ordinal)

173 is the word ELI upside-down, which Jesus says while on the cross:

Bulu’s pose wasn’t as obvious as Bert Smith’s, but he did have one arm out to the side:

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