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Brayden Smith – The Solar Eclipse Riddle

See my post decoding past eclipse riddles on Jeopardy!

On December 14th, we had the only total solar eclipse of 2020. It began Brown Lunation # 1212.

Total solar eclipse = 202 Ordinal and 1212 Sumerian

The day after this eclipse, a man named Brayden Smith began a winning streak on Jeopardy! His birthday is September 6th, or 6/9.

"Brayden Smith" = 69 (Reverse Reduction)

Brayden = Eclipse in all base four ciphers, Smith also = 69

Brayden’s death was announced on February 12th, or 12/2. died 1 month, 22 days after the eclipse and a span of 1 month, 22 days after his first appearance on the show:

"Jeopardy!" = 122 (Reverse Ordinal)

This is also 53 days.

"Solar eclipse" = 53 (Full Reduction)

The next total solar eclipse falls on December 4th of this year:

Brayden died a span of 303 days before that eclipse:

Brayden and Smith both = 33 with the S Exception

"Eclipse" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Thirty-three and Thirty-three both = 895 Jewish

That next eclipse at the south pole falls on a date with Primary numerology of 57:(12) + (4) + (20) + (21) = 57

"Brayden Smith" = 57 (Full Reduction)

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

In Hebrew, the word for Moon sums to 218.

Moon = 218 in Hebrew

2:18 is 138 minutes

"Brayden Smith" = 138 (English Ordinal)

"Henderson, NV" = 138 (English Ordinal)

Jesuit Order Numerology

I contend that the Jesuit Order symbol is an eclipsed sun, as you can see the corona:

"Jesuit Order" = 1223 (Jewish)

Brayden died in Las Vegas 1223 days after the Las Vegas shooting:

"Corona" = 96 (Reverse Ordinal)

Brayden Smith was born on 9/6/96.

Brayden was a span of exactly 293 months old when he died:

The coronavirus pandemic was declared a national emergency on the date leaving 293 days in the year:

"Coronavirus pandemic" = 293 (Reverse Ordinal)

Lunar Eclipse Riddle

In Ordinal, coronavirus sums to 155.

"Coronavirus" = 155 (English Ordinal)

Brayden died 15 weeks, 5 days before this year’s total lunar eclipse:

Brayden’s numbers are also heavily-connected to total lunar eclipse.

"The Moon" = 283 (Jewish)

Brayden Andrew Smith = 283, 203 and 103. Total lunar eclipse = 203 and 103

Using Prime numbers, his name even has matching 445 gematria with the Hebrew value for total lunar eclipse.

"Brayden Smith" = 445 (Primes)

"אלמ חרי יוקיל" = 445 (Hebrew Gematria) = 445

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