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Jeopardy Champ Brayden Smith Dies @ 24

The final five-time 'Jeopardy!' champ during Alex Trebek's tenure has died at age 24

This news was published on February 12th, or 12/2. This famous Jeopardy! contestant died in Las Vegas, NV.

"Jeopardy!" = 122 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Las Vegas, NV" = 122 (English Ordinal)

Brayden’s first appearance on Jeopardy! was a span of 1 month, 22 days (or 7 weeks, 3 days) before he died:

Sacrifice = 73 Ordinal, Ritual sacrifice = 73 Reduction

Smith was 24 years old.

"Smith" = 24 (Full Reduction)

Connection to Alex Trebek

I remember seeing Brayden Smith’s name in the news last month. He was being hailed as “Alex’s last great champion”, having the best run of any contestant to appear in the episodes that featured Trebek after he passed away in November.

‘Jeopardy’ Fans Thank Three-Day Winner Brayden Smith for Giving Alex Trebek “A Final Gift”

Brayden was born on the 250th day of a leap year:

This story was published yesterday, which was 205 days after Alex Trebek’s birthday:


Brayden Smith died on February 5th, the date written 2/5 or 5/2.

Brayden Smith died 52 days after his first appearance on the show:

Smith died 167 days before Trebek’s next birthday:

"Alex Trebek" = 167 (Reverse Ordinal)

Alex Trebek was 29,329 days old when he died:

Brayden died on the date leaving 329 days in the year:

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 329 (Reverse Ordinal)

His death was announced on the date leaving 322 days in the year:

"Trebek" = 322 (English Extended)

Smith was reportedly born in Henderson, Nevada.

"Smith" = 322 (Fibonacci)

"Henderson" = 322 (Jewish)

“Kill” Code

He died 89 days after Alex Trebek, and a span of 4 weeks, 4 days after his final appearance on Jeopardy!. His death was not announced until yesterday, February 12th, which was 59 days after that date:

Kill = 89, 44, and 59

"Alex Trebek" = 59 (Reverse Reduction)

59 days is also 8 weeks, 3 days:

"Murder" = 83 (Reverse Ordinal)

Mercury Riddle

The word killing has double gematria of 115. Brayden was from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Killing = 115 in both Reverse and Jewish

"Nevada" = 115 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Las Vegas, Nevada" = 1105 (English Extended)

Brayden’s 5-day prize total was $115,798:

In my second post on the death of Alex Trebek, I pointed out how there was a massive Mercury riddle in his numbers.

"Mercury" = 798 (Jewish)

Las Vegas = 86 and 130, Mercury = 86 and 103

Brayden Andrew Smith = 86 and 103 Reduction

Recall how the Las Vegas shooting in 2017 was a Mercury ritual connected to the JFK assassination, which was perhaps the biggest Mercury ritual of all-time.


I don’t really think dates are spelled out this way, so maybe this is a fancy coincidence. Brayden Smith died on February 5.

Brayden Smith and February five match in all four base methods, Henderson, NV also = 138 and 66 to match

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