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Dak Prescott Breaks His Ankle

For those who aren’t too squeamish…here’s a clip of the injury.

The injury occurred against New York.

"New York" = 111 (English Ordinal)

Today is October 11th, written 10/11.

"Rayne Dakota Prescott" = 111 (Reverse Reduction)

Rayne Dakota Prescott went to Mississippi State.

"Mississippi State" = 111 (Reverse Reduction)

Prescott broke his ankle 1 year, 101 days after the most recent total solar eclipse:

The new Cowboys coach, Mike McCarthy, was born on 11/10.

Today is 279 days after McCarthy became the new head coach:

McCarthy is exactly 20790 days, or 2970 weeks old:

Prescott’s birthday is 29/7

What’s so strange about this injury is that I saw it happen live, and it occurred within a couple minutes of me finishing my last post, which was mostly about a quarterback who played for the New York Jets.

Dak Prescott and New York Jets both = 132 and 165

Dak Prescott, a quarterback, got injured against New York. Stuff like this makes me wonder if the calculator I created is really some type of digital Ouija board.

When they came back from commercial, they said the injury is a right ankle. Well, no shit…everybody saw the man’s damn ankle was turned sideways. But notice how it aligns with the numbers already linking Joe Namath with Cowboys.

Joe Namath = 87 and 33. Cowboys = 87 and 33, Namath = 33, 105, and 57, Right ankle = 105 and 57

Today is exactly 19 years, 1 month after 9/11:19 Years, 1 Month, 0 Days

September eleventh

Today is 19 weeks, 1 day after Broadway Joe’s 77th birthday:

On the same day Prescott broke his leg, quarterback Alex Smith of Washington played in his first game back since suffering a compound fracture of his own back in 2018, which was ultra-connected to Joe Theismann’s similar injury. Alex Smith was a span of exactly 1901 weeks old:1901 Weeks, 0 Days

191 is the 43rd Prime number
Broadway Joe was born in ’43

Dallas Cowboys = 43 and 74 in Reduction

Dak Prescott’s injury was 74 days after his birthday:

I think it’s time for another one of those breaks.

Maybe “break” is the wrong word for this post…

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