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NBA Theater Concludes With Lakers Championship

Just when you thought the scripting couldn’t be any more obvious, the Los Angeles Lakers, who haven’t even made the playoffs in any of the past six seasons, soar to the top following the death of Kobe Bryant, who spent his entire career with the Lakers.

Of course The NBA Finals went to Game six.

"The NBA Finals" = 666 (English Sumerian)

"Game six" = 666 (Reverse English Sumerian)

666 is the 36th Triangular number, and the Heat only scored 36 points in the first half, while the Lakers rocked them with 64. The 64th Prime number is 311.

"The Beast" = 311 (Jewish)

This also happened to be the first season for head coach Frank Vogel, who was hired last May.


The game was played on a date with Primary numerology of 61:(10) + (11) + (20) + (20) = 61

Vogel and Jesus both = 74 and 61

Vogel was hired a span of exactly 74 weeks ago:

The head of Jesus, the son of God, is commonly placed in front of the Sun, whose 6×6 Magic Square sums to 666.

Anything with Sumerian gematria of 666 has Ordinal gematria of 111. The Heat scored 111 points to take the series to Game 6, which occurred on 10/11.

October 11th is the date that leaves 81 days in the year:

Kobe Bean Bryant = 81 Reverse Reduction and 810 Sumerian

Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in his 666th game. See my post on that game, which highlights how 666 was all the rage even before the plandemic blew up this year.

The game was a span of 66 weeks, 6 days after the most recent total solar eclipse:

LeBron, Lakers, and Corona all = 66 Ordinal

The final score was 106-93. When you look up the number 10693, you find the sum of divisors to be 11,666.

The coronavirus scam is all about the number 666. Everywhere you go now, you’re told to stay six feet apart from one another. As someone who’s been sounding the alarm about our media and federal government for nearly four years now, it’s basically impossible to pretend to see what’s going on this year from a “normal” perspective. But no matter what I do, I can’t find it anything but completely stunning that so few people can actually see what’s going on in this world. Nearly everyone I know is under the basic assumption that there’s a highly-deadly virus going around, and are literally too scared to go out and do the things they normally enjoy.

The date of Kobe’s fifth and final NBA championship was June 17th, written 6/17. The number 617 is the 113th Prime.

"The National Basketball Association" = 113 (Full Reduction)

After the death of Kobe BryantMichael Jordan was brought back into the public focus in a fun riddle on the first day of Taurus.

Kobe Bryant = 113 and 1130, Michael Jordan = 113 and 311

The coronavirus pandemic was declared on March 11th, or 11/3. That’s the birthday of Lakers star Anthony Davis, who is in his first year with the Lakers.

"Coronavirus pandemic" = 113 (Reverse Reduction)

Vogel won the title a span of 113 days after his birthday:

The day before Kobe died, he was passed for 3rd on the all-time scoring list by LeBron James, who led the Lakers to the championship.

11×3 = 33

Kobe, LeBron, and James all = 33

The 33rd Prime number is 137
On the date they won the title, LeBron James was 13070 days old:

The championship fell on a date with Standard numerology of 41:(10) + (11) + (20) = 41

Kobe Bryant died a span of 41 years, 157 days after he was born:

Kobe Bryant = 41 and 157

157 is the 37th Prime number

Frank Vogel was hired exactly 37 weeks before Kobe’s death:

The Lakers wrapped up their championship exactly 37 weeks after the death of Kobe Bryant:

"Los Angeles" = 37 (Full Reduction)

"Bryant" = 37 (Reverse Reduction)

The game was a span of 1 month, 19 days after Kobe’s birthday. It was exactly 119 weeks after LeBron’s signing with the Lakers was announced, a span of 119 days after the anniversary of Anthony Davis joining the team. Davis joined on June 15th, or 15/6, and the 156th Prime number is 911.

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