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Multiple Police Officers Shot in Cedar Park, Texas

Three police officers shot in Texas while responding to call at a home

The emergency dialing code in the United States is 9-1-1. CNN gave us a headline with 911 gematria for a story about police responding to a phone call.

"Three police officers shot in Texas while responding to call at a home" = 911 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Three” is a hoax code, as it contains EE, a backwards 33. The 33rd Prime number is 137, and this story involving the Cedar Park Police leaves 137 days in the year:

"Cedar Park Police" = 137 (English Ordinal)

“Kill” Code

Cedar Park sums to 244 in Jewish gematria. Cedar Park, Texas sums to 2440 using Square numbers.

"Cedar Park" = 244 (Jewish)

"Cedar Park, Texas" = 2440 (Squares)

The United States of America is a span of 244 years, 44 days old:

Kill = 244 in Hebrew and 44 in Ordinal

Shooting, Officer, Sheriff, and Execution all = 44 Reduction

The shooting of these officers fell on a date with 44 and 64 numerology:(8) + (16) + (20) = 44 and (8) + (16) + (20) + (20) = 64

Kill = 44 and 64

The shooting was at a home off Natalie Cove:We are on scene of a shooting where multiple Cedar Park Police Officers have been shot while responding to a call at a home off Natalie Cove. Subject is barricaded inside the home and multiple law enforcement agencies are on scene.

Natalie Cove = 44 and 64 in Reduction

Eclipse Riddle

Cedar Park, Texas was incorporated on the date 2/24:Established 1887 Incorporated February 24, 1973

"Cedar Park, Texas" = 224 (Francis Bacon)

The Great American Eclipse of 2024 passes over Cedar Park:

Cedar Park, Texas has matching Jewish gematria with total solar eclipse.

In Jewish gematria, Cedar Park, Texas = 740, Total solar eclipse = 704

The 2024 eclipse occurs on a date with Primary numerology of 56, lining up with the town’s Reduction gematria:(4) + (8) + (20) + (24) = 56

"Cedar Park, Texas" = 56 (Full Reduction)

I’ve done extensive work to show that 1331 is the ultimate eclipse number. Today is exactly 1331 days before the 2024 Great American Eclipse:1331 Days

Cedar Park, TX has Prime number gematria of 393, which was attributed in CNN’s headline:In Primes, Natalie Cove = 331, Cedar Park TX = 331

"Three police officers shot in Texas while responding to call at a home" = 3930 (English Sumerian)

331 and 393 are two of the three numbers that sum to 1331 in Jewish gematria. The other is 133. Cedar Park was incorporated in 1887, which was 133 years ago.

"Three hundred thirty-one" = 1331 (Jewish)"Three hundred ninety-three" = 1331 (Jewish)

An Eclipse always occurs 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases after the last one. The Hebrew word for eclipse sums to 156:

The shooting in Cedar Park, TX fell a span of exactly 156 weeks after the 2017 Great American Eclipse:

"Cedar Park, TX" = 1056 (Reverse English Sumerian)

False flag = 33, 69, and 156. Eclipse = 33 and 69 and 156 in Hebrew

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