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Max Tuerk Was a Mock Trump Assassination

For most of June, I blogged about how significant the date June 20th appeared to be. While stopping short of making a prediction, I frequently pointed out how I wondered if these alignments were pointing to a potential Donald Trump assassination.

I’m glad that’s not what happened. That event would have resulted in a significant amount of chaos, and that’s not something the world needs more of right now.

A couple of trolls pointed out how I was “wrong” about June 20th, but that’s simple-minded and ignorant. Anyone who was paying attention knows that I was correct about June 20th when I said something incredibly ritualistic will occur on that date. Sure enough, less than a week later, Trump schedules his first rally in over three months for Oklahoma for June 19th. I made a post and video discussing how the city was perfect, but the date was not – THEN, they changed it to June 20th.

A big part June 20th stuck out to me was because of numerology involving JFK. It was 20,666 days after his assassination.

6×6×6 is 216
The 216th Prime number is 1321

JFK, who was born on the date leaving 216 days in the year, would have been 103 years, 21 days old on the original date of the rally.. The 2016 election of Trump fell 1321 days before 21/6 this year.

Fortunately, Trump did not go down. Instead, former NFL player Max Tuerk reportedly passed away while hiking with his family. I made this post earlier about that, and live streamed the decode. Now, I will show how Max Tuerk was the numerical mock assassination of Donald Trump. Both of their last names are five letters and begin with T, each also containing an R and a U.

"Donald Trump" = 589 (Jewish)

Max Tuerk was born 17,394 days after Donald Trump. This is exactly 589 lunar phases:

589 is the Hebrew value of Golden Gate.

Golden Gate = 589 in Hebrew

In Jewish gematria, Golden Gate sums to 239, just like the date June twenty.

Golden Gate = 239, June twenty = 2390 and 2020

June twenty also has gematria of 2020, like the current year.

There are 227 days between the birthdays of Donald Trump and Max Tuerk. 227 is the 49th Prime number.

Max Tuerk and John F. Kennedy both = 49 Reverse Reduction

Max Tuerk died exactly 49 weeks before John F. Kennedy’s birthday:

JFK would be 1377 sidereal months old. Max Tuerk died at the age of 1377 weeks. Tuerk has eerily-similar gematria to JFK.

"Tuerk" = 615 (English Extended)"JFK" = 616 (Jewish)

Max Tuerk died a span of 20,666 days after the JFK assassination:

Recall the colorful 666 riddle above. This is a number remarkably-connected to the Moon, as highlighted in this post. They even share gematria:

In Jewish gematria, The Moon = 283, Six hundred and sixty-six = 283

Max Tuerk was born 28003 days after John F. Kennedy:

Max Tuerk died 326 lunar phases after he was born:

JFK was a Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, and died on his Mercurial birthday. His assassination occurred on the 326th day of the year:

The 326th Prime number is 2161. Kobe Bryant died at 2161 weeks old:

Tuerk died in Cleveland National Forest. The nearest city to the park is Corona, California. Kobe Bryant, who died when the Moon was at 326° of the ecliptic, was buried in Corona del Mar.

Max Tuerk and Kobe Bryant both = 113 Ordinal

Both Kobe Bryant and Max Tuerk were athletes who played in Los Angeles.

"Los Angeles" = 109 (English Ordinal)

"Aquarius" = 109 (Reverse Ordinal)

Max Tuerk, an Aquarius, whose exaltation is Mercury, was 109 Mercurial years old when he died:

M. TuerkMercury…

"Max Tuerk" = 103 (Reverse Ordinal)

Tuerk was born 11024 days after the JFK assassination in ‘63:

Planet Mercury = 1024 Jewish and 63 Reduction

Mercury also has matching gematria with Kobe Bryant, who died at the age of 41.

"Mercury" = 41 (Reverse Reduction)

Kobe Bryant = 41 Reduction

His helicopter crashed on the date 1/26.

"Planet Mercury" = 1026 (English Sumerian)

Kobe Bryant, who is a Virgo, whose ruler and exaltation is Mercury, was exactly 172 Mercurial years old when he died:

Max Tuerk died on the 172nd day of a leap year in a forest named after Grover Cleveland:

"Grover Cleveland" = 1720 (Jewish)

Max, who was drafted by San Diego, was a span of exactly 26 years old when Kobe, who played for the Lakers, died on the 26th day of the year:

Tuerk died 20 weeks, 6 days later at the age of 26 on the date written 20/6.

San Diego, Lakers, and Sacrifice all = 206 in Jewish gematria

Kobe Bryant wore #24 and #8.

"Human sacrifice" = 248 (Reverse Ordinal)

President Donald Trump and Trump assassination both = 248 Ordinal

Max Tuerk played only one NFL snap – for the Cardinals.

"Cardinals" = 248 (Jewish)

“Kobe” = 33, which was an extremely-significant number coded into Max Tuerk, which was covered in my first post.

Tuerk was an Aquarius, which is ruled by Saturn.

"Saturn" = 741 (English Extended)

When Max died, Donald Trump was a span of 74 years, 1 week old:

741 is the 38th Triangular number

Max played for USC before being drafted by San Diego.

Max, USC, San Diego, and Killing all = 38 and 43

Trump is also 888 months old. Saturn’s average distance from the Sun is 888 million miles. My original post contains more on the Saturn riddle.

Tuerk was born in 1994. This was a number I brought attention to last week in the lead-up to Trump’s rally. His death fell 994 days after the Las Vegas shooting, which was a massive Mercury ritual related to JFK. This is also 142 weeks. “San Diego” = 142, “Eclipse sacrifice” = 142.

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