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The 1979 Total Solar Eclipse Over Montana

I’ve been blogging about the death of Kobe Bryant a lot since it happened. It might be the most significant thing that’s happened since I started this blog – Gematrinator.com has experienced triple its normal traffic over the past two days, breaking daily records.

After making five full posts on his death, I finally feel like I’ve gotten to the bottom of the riddle, and how it relates to Super Bowl 54. As always, in order to understand these riddles, we need to understand total solar eclipses.

A good chunk of the posts on this blog mention the two total solar eclipses that create an X over the United States of America in 2017 and 2024:

Notice how these eclipses are 2423 days apart. This is the same as 6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, 6 days

"6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, 6 days" = 2423 (Jewish)

No doubt, those eclipses are important. But before 2017, when was the last time a total solar eclipse touched U.S. soil? Prior to 2017, we had not seen one since 1979. The path of totality entered between Washington and Oregon, and then followed the border into the panhandle of Idaho. But what stands out the most about this path is how it covered nearly the entire state of Montana, the fourth-largest state by area in the nation.

This year’s Montana Bowl is a tribute to this total solar eclipse.

Montana Bowl and Total solar eclipse both = 994 Extended

Joe Montana’s final game was against Miami, the city that hosts the Montana Bowl. That game was played on the last day of 1994Dec. 31 marks the 25-year anniversary of Montana's final NFL game, which was with the Kansas City Chiefs during the 1994 playoffs. Montana had led the Chiefs to playoffs in back-to-back seasons, but the 1993 season ended in disappointment in the AFC championship game against the Bills.

The date was 12/31
1231 is the 202nd Prime number

"Total solar eclipse" = 202 (English Ordinal)

The Montana Bowl is on 2/02 in 2020
The 22nd Prime number is 79
Joe Montana was drafted in ’79
The Montana eclipse was in ’79
It was on the date 26/2

"Montana" = 262 (Jewish)

Montana won four championships with the 49ers, beginning with Super Bowl 16, while he wore #16. This post will also discuss how the death of Kobe Bryant is related to this game.

Helicopter crash = 79 and 160, Joe Montana Bowl = 160

On the date of this Montana eclipse, Joe Montana was 22 years, 260 days old: 22 Years, 260 Days

Kobe Bryant died on the 26th day of 2020. His best game was on the 22nd day of 2006, when he scored 81 points in a game against the Toronto Raptors.

Joe Montana started a total of 187 games during his career. On the date of the ’79 total eclipse, Kobe was 187 days old:187 Days

"Total eclipse" = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)

You could also say Montana was a span of 261 days after his birthday on the date of the Montana eclipse. Kobe Bryant died on 26/1, which can also be written as 1/26.

"Fifty-four" = 126 (English Ordinal)

The date of the Montana eclipse had 126 and 54 numerology:(2) + (26) + (19) + (79) = 126 and (2) + (26) + 1+9+7+9 = 54

The State of Montana was admitted to the Union on a date with 126 numerology:(11) + (8) + (18) + (89) = 126 and (11) + (8) + (89) = 108

Joe Montana’s full name has 126 gematria:

Joseph Clifford Montana Jr. = 108 and 126 in Reduction

"Eighteen eighty-nine" = 108 (Full Reduction)

"Joe Montana" = 108 (English Ordinal)

Patrick Mahomes was born on 17/9
179 is the 41st Prime number, and his birthday had Reduced numerology of 419 + 1+7 + 1+9+9+5 = 41

Montana was the 41st state admitted to the Union.

"Super Bowl" = 41 (Full Reduction)

Kobe’s best game was exactly 54 weeks before Super Bowl 41. He would later die at the age of 41

Kobe Bryant = 41 Reduction

That game fell exactly 731 weeks before he died:731 Weeks, 0 Days

Forty-one = 118 Ordinal and 731 Jewish

Joe Montana is exactly 118 months older than the current Governor of Montana:118 Months, 0 Days

Montana was admitted to the Union on the date 11/8 in the year 1889

"November eighth" = 889 (English Extended)

"Joe Montana Bowl" = 1889 (Jewish)

1889 is the English gematria of thirteen thirty-one, which is the ultimate eclipse number.

"Thirteen thirty-one" = 1889 (English Extended)

1889 is the 290th Prime number

"Christ" = 290 (Jewish)"Eclipse sacrifice" = 290 (Reverse Ordinal)

Kobe Bryant died a span of 889 days after the 2017 Great American eclipse:889 Days

His death fell exactly one week, or seven days before the game. He died the same day as the 33rd Royal Rumble.

One week and Seven days = 33 Reduction, Kobe = 33 Ordinal

The Super Bowl falls on the 33rd day of the year, or 2/2/20

Eclipse = 33 Reduction and 222 Extended

It will be exactly 895 days after the Great American Eclipse:
895 Days

Thirty-three & Ritual human sacrifice both = 895 in Jewish gematria

The starting quarterback for the Chiefs will be exactly 8905 days old on gameday:8905 Days

Kobe Bryant’s best game was on 1/22. Joe Montana holds the record with 122 passes in the Super Bowl without an interception. In the Montana Bowl, the cities of Kansas City and San Francisco will do battle.

San Francisco and Kansas City both = 122 Ordinal

The game will take place 12 weeks, 2 days after the State of Montana turns 130 years old:130 Years, 12 Weeks, 2 Days

"Montana Bowl" = 130 (English Ordinal)

The game takes place 130 days before Joe Montana’s birthday:130 Days

The majority of Montana’s career was spent with the 49ers. 4+9 = 13. Their opponents, K.C., have double gematria of 13

"San Francisco Forty-niners" = 1313 (Jewish)

Kobe Bryant was born on the date that leaves 130 days in the year:

"Human sacrifice" = 130 (English Ordinal)

Kobe Bryant was born 88 years, 288 days after Montana became a state:88 Years, 288 Days

On the date of the Super Bowl, the Governor of Montana will be exactly 2808 weeks old:2808 Weeks, 0 Days

With a win, Patrick Mahomes would push his career record to 28-8. Mahomes was born 6047 days after the Montana eclipse:6047 Days

Kobe played for Los Angeles, California

Patrick Mahomes and Los Angeles, California both = 647 Extended

Patrick Mahomes was born on 9/17

"Joe Montana" = 917 (Jewish)

On the date of the Montana Bowl, Kobe Bryant would be 163 days after his birthday:163 Days

Montana’s birthday was the 163rd day of a leap year:

His birthday is 6/11
611 has Prime Factors of 13×47

The Montana Bowl = 163 Ordinal and 1347 Jewish, The Joe Montana Bowl = 193 Ordinal and 2002 Jewish

193 is the 44th Prime number, matching the Primary numerology of the date of the game, 2/2/2020

(2) + (2) + (20) + (20) = 44

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