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Kobe Bryant – The Eclipse Riddle

My first post on the death of Kobe Bryant

The linked post opens up by mentioning how Bryant died 888 days after the 2017 Great American eclipse, on the same date as the “Royal Rumble” = 888 (Jewish)888 is the Greek Isopsephy value of Jesus

"Ιησούς (Jesus)" = 888 (Greek Isopsephy)

During the crucifixion of Jesus, darkness falls over the sky during the daytime. This is typically only something that can occur during an eclipse

"Eclipse" = 33 (Full Reduction)

It’s widely-believed that Jesus was crucified at the age of 33, in the year 33 A.D.

"Crucifixion of Jesus Christ" = 303 (English Ordinal)

Kobe died the same day as the 33rd Royal Rumble.

"Kobe" = 33 (English Ordinal)

33 is 11×3

Kobe Bryant was drafted in Round 1, pick 13. He made his NBA debut on 11/3 and died 101 months, 3 days after his 33rd birthday at the age of 41101 Months, 3 Days

Kobe Bryant and Dear Basketball both = 113 and 41

Dear Basketball was an Oscar-winning short film based on a letter written by Kobe Bryant, announcing his retirement. It was released on the 113th day of the year:

Kobe’s death fell 33 months, 3 days after the release:33 Months, 3 Days

Kobe’s retirement letter was dated November 29th, 2015, the 333rd day of the year:

Kobe’s last Tweet was a clear nod to the fact that his death was related to total solar eclipses.

"Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames . Much respect my brother" = 290, 704, and 889

"Eclipse sacrifice" = 290 (Reverse Ordinal) "Christ" = 290 (Jewish)

"Total solar eclipse" = 704 (Jewish)

He died a span of 889 days after the Great American total solar eclipse889 Days

An eclipse occurs when the Moon blocks the Sun. The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 238,900 miles:

These same digits are found in the gematria of The Moon and Six hundred and sixty-six

In Jewish gematria, The Moon = 283, Six hundred and sixty-six = 283

Kobe Bryant was born on 23/8

"Kobe Bryant" = 224 (Franc Baconis)

In the year 2024, a second total solar eclipse will cross the United States of America:

On the date of that eclipse, Kobe would be 2380 weeks (or 16,666 days) old:

He died 238 weeks before his 23/8 birthday in 2024238 Weeks

He died on 1/26

"One hundred twenty-six" = 2380 (Jewish)

Kobe passed away on a date with Primary numerology of 67(1) + (26) + (20) + (20) = 67

Kobe = 67 Jewish, Black Mamba = 67 Reverse Reduction

67 is a primary number used for eclipse sacrifices:

Total solar eclipse, Blood sacrifice, and human sacrifice all = 67 in Reduction

67 is the 19th Prime number

Kill = 19 Hebrew Reduction & 244 Hebrew gematria

"Nineteen" = 244 (Jewish)

The first Great American eclipse occurred in August of 2017:

Kobe was 14,244 days old on the date of this eclipse:14244 Days

He died 126 weeks later on the date 1/26126 Weeks

126 is the gematria of fifty-four, which is the value of Kobe’s full name, as well as his daughter’s, who also died in the crash:

Fifty-four = 126 and 54, Gianna Bryant = 126 and 54, Kobe Bean Bryant = 54

See my post on Super Bowl 54, which is connected to 126 through the State of Montana and Joe Montana, who played quarterback for both teams in this year’s Super Bowl. The game will be played on a date with 8 and 24 numerology – the two numbers Kobe wore during his playing career:2 + 2 + 2+0+2+0 = 8 and (2) + (2) + (20) = 24

The last time the path of totality from a solar eclipse touched U.S. soil was in 1979, and it covered the entire state of Montana. It was on a date with 126 and 54 numerology:(2) + (26) + (19) + (79) = 126 and (2) + (26) + 1+9+7+9 = 54

Kobe was 187 days old on the date of this total eclipse187 Days

"Total eclipse" = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)

187 is the homicide code:

Notice the date of that eclipse in 1979 – February 26th, written 2/26

"Sacrifice" = 226 (English Extended)

"Crucifixion of Jesus" = 226 (English Ordinal)

On the date of Super Bowl 54, Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid will be 22600 days old:22600 Days

His quarterback is Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes = 226 Reverse and 2206 Squares

Kobe’s death was related to the 33rd Royal Rumble. The NBA is currently in its 74th season.

"Patrick" = 33 (Full Reduction) "Mahomes" = 74 (English Ordinal)

Jesus, cross, gospel, messiah, and parables all sum to 74 in the alphabetic order

“Sacrifice” Coding

Patrick Mahomes will be a span of 8905 days old on the date of the Super Bowl:8905 Days

Thirty-three & Ritual human sacrifice both = 895 in Jewish gematria

The Super Bowl falls 895 days after the 2017 Great American eclipse, on the 33rd day of the year:895 Days

Kobe wrote his retirement letter 50 months, 4 days before Super Bowl 5450 Months, 4 Days

As mentioned above, there was some interesting 333 coding with Kobe’s retirement. As it turns out, Super Bowl 54 is being played on the date leaving 333 days in the year:

"Patrick Lavon Mahomes II" = 333 (Reverse Ordinal)

Kobe’s retirement letter was written on the date Mahomes was exactly 1054 weeks old, which was 73 days after his birthday:

Ritual sacrifice = 154 and 73

When Dear Basketball was released, Mahomes was exactly 1,127 weeks old:1127 Weeks, 0 Days

"Retirement" = 127 (English Ordinal)

This year, the date 1/27, one day after Kobe’s passing, was exactly 127 weeks after the Great American Eclipse:127 Weeks, 0 Days

Mahomes has a whole pack of numbers suggesting he’s a Super Bowl sacrifice. Consider first how his coach, Andy Reid, will be turning 62 on (3)+(19)+(20)+(20) = 62

"Patrick Mahomes" = 62 (Full Reduction)"Sacrifice" = 62 (Reverse Reduction)

Patrick was born on September 17th, written 9/17

Joe Montana = 917 Jewish and 477 Extended

"Patrick Mahomes" = 477 (Jewish)"Ritual sacrifice" = 477 (Primes)

Patrick Mahomes was born 6047 days after the 1979 total solar eclipse:6047 Days

Patrick Mahomes and Los Angeles, California both = 647 Extended

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