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NWO Rapper Eminem Releases New Propaganda

Eminem Releases Surprise Album, 'Music To Be Murdered By'

Eminem dropped a new album on Friday, January 17th. A day earlier, on the 16th, he released a new video for the song Darkness. The video is shot from the perspective of Stephen Paddock as he carried out the Las Vegas shooting.

The shooting occurred at the Route 91 Harvest Festival

The name of the song, Darkness, sums to 91

"Darkness" = 91 (English Ordinal)

The video came out 91 days after Eminem’s birthday:91 Days

The album was a surprise

"Surprise" = 91 (Reverse Ordinal)

The Las Vegas shooting occurred 91 days after the birthday of Jeff Alexander, whose album title Eminem copied:91 Days

That Jeff Alexander album was released in the year ’58. Eminem’s album dropped on a date with Primary numerology of 58(1) + (17) + (20) + (20) = 58

It’s reported that Paddock killed 58 people:He killed 58 people and wounded 413,

"Freemasonry" = 58 (Full Reduction) "Secret society" = 58 (Full Reduction)

In the alphabetic order, Las Vegas, Nevada sums to 133, which is the Reverse value of Eminem’s other nickname, Slim Shady

Las Vegas, Nevada = 133 Ordinal. Slim Shady = 133 and 110

Notice the 110 in Ordinal. The Las Vegas shooting was on October 1st, which can be written 1/10. The video came out 107 days after the anniversary:107 Days

"Shooting" = 107 (English Ordinal)

His rapper name is often stylized as EMINƎM

EMINƎM and Vegas both = 54, 81, and 27

“Kill” Code

In Ordinal gematria, Las Vegas shooting sums to 193. The shooting was carried out from a casino

"Las Vegas shooting" = 193 (English Ordinal)

"Casino" = 193 (Jewish)

193 is the 44th Prime number

"Stephen Paddock" = 440 (Jewish)

"Hitchcock" = 44 (Full Reduction)

"Shooting" = 44 (Full Reduction)"Gunfire" = 44 (Full Reduction)

"Kill" = 44 (English Ordinal)

Eminem was 44 years old when the shooting occurred:44 Years

Eminem’s full name has matching gematria with the Hebrew values for kill

Marshall Bruce Mathers III = 109 Reduction and 244 Ordinal

"Shooting" = 109 (Reverse Ordinal)

Kill = 19 Hebrew Reduction & 244 Hebrew gematria

Jeff Alexander was born in 1910. On the date Eminem released his album, he would have been 109 years, 199 days old:109 Years, 199 Days

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock = 109 Single Reduction and 199 Ordinal

Kill sums to 59 in Jewish gematria and 17 in Reduction.

Kill = 17 Reduction, 59 Jewish

In the alphabetic order, Eminem sums to 59. Using Prime numbers, it sums to 170

Eminem = 59 Ordinal and 170 Ptimes

59 is the 17th Prime number

Eminem released his album on the 17th day of the year:

911 Code

The Vegas shooting was the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Eminem’s video about a shooting at a country music festival was released on January 16th, the date written 1/16.

"Country" = 116 (English Ordinal)

It was 119 weeks after the shooting:119 Weeks

"Eminem" = 119 (Jewish)

"Eminem - Music to Be Murdered By" = 119 (Full Reduction)

1019 is the 171st Prime number, connecting to Mathers’ birthday, written 17/10, and his album’s release date of 17/1.

Music to Be Murdered By was released the same date that Mac Miller posthumously released an album called Circles. Miller had previously released an album called The Divine Feminine, which is related to the 119 / 911 code.

"Divine feminine" = 911 (Jewish)"Mac Miller - Divine Feminine" = 1109 (Jewish)

Circle Coding

The Hebrew word for circle sums to 17

"מעגל (Circle)" = 17 (Hebrew Reduction)

Both the date written 1/7, and the 17th day of the year both have gematria of 227

"January seventh" = 2270 (Jewish)

"January seventeenth" = 227 (English Ordinal)

22÷7 is the smallest equation you can use to get the first 3 digits of Pi, which are 3.14"Twenty-two divided by seven" = 314 (English Ordinal)

"Mathers" = 314 (Jewish)

"Hitchcock" = 314 (English Extended)

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