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U.S. Thinks Iran Accidentally Shot Plane Down

US believes Iran accidentally shot down Ukraine plane

In a rather interesting development, the United States now thinks Iran may have accidentally shot down Flight 752 which crashed yesterday, killing 176 people. On the surface, this seems ridiculous, but welcome to the mainstream news cycle.

News of a passenger plane being shot down stirs memories of the 2014 Malaysia Airlines crash, which went down after a missile struck it while it was flying over Ukraine. Yesterday’s crash, which killed 176 people. was a Ukrainian Airlines plane. It happened a span of 176 days after the anniversary of the Malaysia Airlines crash:176 Days

"Malaysia Airlines" = 1176 (English Extended)

Amazingly, the GPS coordinates of the crash are even 17.6 kilometers from the center of Tehran International Airport (click to expand):

July 17th, the date of the Malaysia Airlines crash, is the same date that TWA Flight 800 came down in 1996 Many people have speculated that a missile was responsible for that explosion as well. That incident occurred on a date with a Life Lesson number of 49(7) + (17) + 1+9+9+6 = 49

Yesterday’s crash in Iran also had numerology of 49(1) + (8) + (20) + (20) = 49

(5 letters, 1 word)

"Missile" = 49 (Reverse Reduction)

The 49th Triangular number is 1225

The two crashes were exactly 1225 weeks apart:1225 Weeks, 0 Days

In my post about yesterday’s crash, I talked about how there was a deep 911 riddle involving Nikki Haley, Trump’s first Ambassador to the United Nations. The 9/11 attacks, which of course involved airplanes, occurred in the year 2001. Ukrainian Flight 752 was allegedly shot down exactly 2001 days after Malaysia Flight 17 was shot down:

Including the end date, this is also 2002 days. This is interesting not only because this year is 2020, but because the crash also fell a span of 22 months, 22 days after 66 people died in an Iranian plane crash on 2/18/2018:22 Months, 22 Days

"Tehran" = 66 (English Ordinal)

"Iran" = 66 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Khalaj Abad" = 66 (Reverse Reduction)

Yesterday’s crash in Khalaj Abad fell 6 months, 6 days after the 2019 total solar eclipse, on the date 1/08

"Tehran, Iran" = 108 (English Ordinal)

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