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Victim of Louisiana Crash is Another Sports Reporter

Yesterday, I made this post about the death of sports reporter Edward Aschoff. Shortly after making the video, I learned of a plane crash in Louisiana. I made a brief post on that event earlier today.

Intriguingly, one of the victims of the plane crash is another television sports reporter. Carley Ann McCord, whose bio can be found here, was reported as one of the people killed.

A sports journalist, an IT company executive and three others were killed in the Louisiana plane crash

Notice how both reporters share 113 gematria:

"Edward Aschoff" = 113 (English Ordinal)

"Carley Ann McCord" = 1130 (English Extended)

"LSU Tigers" = 113 (Reverse Ordinal)

The plane crash on the way to an LSU Tigers’ bowl game occurred on a date with 52 numerology:(12) + (28) + 2+0+1+9 = 52

"LSU" = 52 (English Ordinal)

"Plane crash" = 52 (Single Reduction)

Aschoff’s death was primarily a riddle for the 2024 total solar eclipse. On the date of that eclipse, McCord would have been 34 years old.

"McCord" = 34 (Reverse Reduction)

Aschoff died on his 34th birthday
The 34th Prime number is 139

"Journalist" = 139 (English Ordinal)

McCord was born a span of 1309 days after Aschoff:1309 Days

McCord’s date of birth has Primary numerology of 139(7) + (24) + (19) + (89) = 139

Freemasonry = 139 and 158

She died a span of 158 days after her birthday:158 Days

"Louisiana State University" = 158 (Reverse Reduction)

1309 days is also exactly 43 months:43 Months, 0 Days

"Plane crash" = 43 (Full Reduction)

"Killing" = 43 (Reverse Reduction)

"LSU" = 430 (English Extended)

1309 days is also exactly 187 weeks. 187 is known as the homicide code.
The 187th Prime number is 1117, and 11×17 = 187. Today is a span of 11 months, 17 days before the next total solar eclipse.

"Total eclipse" = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)

Ed Orgeron

The coach of the LSU Tigers is Ed Orgeron. He was seen fighting emotions before the game.

Orgeron was hired as the head coach on September 25th, 2016, meaning the playoff game was in his 1190th day since being hired:1190 Days

"Journalist" = 1190 (Jewish)

"Edward James Orgeron Jr." = 119 (Reverse Reduction)

Orgeron was born in the year ’61. Recall how “plane crash” = 43 in Reduction.

Louisiana = 61, 101, and 142. Ed Orgeron = 101, 142, and 43

Interesting his first name is Ed – that’s the first name of the ESPN Reporter who died, Edward Aschoff. Orgeron was 154 days after his birthday:154 Days

"Ritual sacrifice" = 154 (English Ordinal)

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