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Hard Rock Hotel Collapse in New Orleans

This incident occurred last weekend on Saturday, October 12th.

Crews are scrambling to find 2 missing workers in the Hard Rock Hotel wreckage before another collapse

"Collapse" = 83 (English Ordinal)

New Orleans, Louisiana = 83 Reduction and 286 Reverse

The city gets its name from Orléans, a French prefecture.

Orleans without the accented character = 83 in Reverse, Orleans = 286 in Jewish

The construction collapse was on October 12th, which is the 286th day of a leap year. The story was headline news on October 13th, which is the 286th day in regular years:

"Construction collapse" = 286 (Reverse Ordinal)

The word murder sums to 83 and 34

Murder = 83 & 34

The Life Lesson number of the date of the collapse was 34 (10) + (12) + 2+0+1+9 = 34

The 34th Prime number is 139

"New Orleans, LA" = 139 (English Ordinal)

“Scottish Rite” Ritual?

October 12th had primary numerology of 61(10) + (12) + (20) + (19) = 61

"Louisiana" = 61 (Reverse Reduction)

The collapse occurred 165 days after the anniversary of Louisiana being admitted to the Union:165 Days

"Collapse" = 165 (Franc Baconis)

165 is a number shared by both New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans (see more below)

"New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell" = 165 (Reverse Reduction)

Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans

165 is the Ordinal value of Scottish Rite, the branch of Freemasonry running our government.

Scottish Rite = 165 Ordinal & 159 Reverse

Mayor LaToya Cantrell was sworn into office on the date May 7th, the same date New Orleans celebrates its anniversary. This collapse was a span of 159 days after May 7th:159 Days

LaToya Cantrell = 159 Ordinal and 219 Reverse

It occurred in the year 2019

"Mayor of New Orleans" = 219 (English Ordinal)

Mayor of New Orleans

"Cantrell" = 269 (Jewish)

269 is the 57th Prime number

New Orleans celebrates its anniversary on May 7th, the date written 5/7. Last year, on 5/7 in 2018, LaToya Cantrell was sworn into office.

ירח (Moon) = 57 Ordinal and 218 Hebrew

57 is the gematria of the number 99

"Ninety-nine" = 57 (Full Reduction)

Why is that significant?

"The Moon" = 99 (Reverse Ordinal) "Thirteen" = 99 (English Ordinal)

The 99th Prime number is 523

Mayor Cantrell was sworn in on a date with numerology of 50 and 23(5) + (7) + (20) + (18) = 50 and (5) + (7) + 2+0+1+8 = 23

On the date of the collapse, she had been in office for 523 days, and she was a span of 5 months, 23 days before her birthday:

"Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans" = 523 (Franc Baconis)

Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell both = 357 and 123

Kailas Companies

The name of the company who was overseeing the construction of the hotel is Kailas Companies

Kailas Companies and Freemasonry both = 58 in Reduction

Kailas Companies has the same gematria as Hard Rock Hotel

Kailas Companies and Hard Rock Hotel both = 419 in Jewish

419 is the 81st Prime number

Ritual = 81 in Ordinal and Reverse

The name Kailas alone sums to 131

"Kailas" = 131 (Jewish)

"Cantrell" = 131 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Crucifixion" = 131 (English Ordinal)

The building’s address is 1031
is the 173rd Prime number

"Ten thirty-one" = 173 (English Ordinal)

173 is essential to the eclipse crucifixion code. During the crucifixion, as darkness fell over the sky, Jesus cried for ELI, which is 173 upside-down.

The name Jesus sums to 74, just like LaToya, who was 74 weeks into her term in office:74 Weeks

LaToya and Jesus both = 74 Ordinal

Eclipse Code

"Eclipse crucifixion code" = 227 (English Ordinal) "Ritual and symbolism" = 227 (English Ordinal)"Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 227 (Reverse Full Reduction)

New Orleans, Louisiana has matching 227 gematria with the Hebrew values for total eclipse

New Orleans, Louisiana = 227 and 83 in English, Total eclipse = 227 and 83 in Hebrew

"Crane collapse" = 227 (Reverse Ordinal)

In Jewish gematria, New Orleans sums to 1231

"New Orleans" = 1231 (Jewish)

1231 is the 202nd Prime number

The Big Easy, Louisiana and Total solar eclipse = 202 Ordinal

The collapse in New Orleans occurred 14 weeks, 4 days after the only total solar eclipse of 2019, and 14 months, 2 days before the next total solar eclipse:

In Reverse, New Orleans 144 and Louisiana = 142

14 months, 2 days is also a span of 430 days
Louisiana’s date of admission is 4/30
LaToya Cantrell was born on 4/3

Governor of Louisiana

In English, total eclipse sums to 137. This is essentially the same as New Orleans’ nickname, The Big Easy, in Extended:

"Total eclipse" = 137 (English Ordinal)"The Big Easy" = 1037 (English Extended)

The Governor of Louisiana had been in office for exactly 1370 days:1370 Days

The day before the collapse was exactly 45 months after he was sworn into office. His next birthday will be his 54th:New Orleans = 45 and 54 in Reduction

Governor John Bel Edwards was 340 days before his birthday:340 Days

"Governor John Bel Edwards" = 340 (Reverse Ordinal)

It was 3 months, 4 weeks, 0 days after the anniversary of Hard Rock Cafe
3 Months, 4 Weeks, 0 Days

The start of this post mentions how this occurred on a date with a Life Lesson number of 34.

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