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Google Doodle – Joseph Plateau’s 218th Birthday

Today’s Google Doodle is celebrating the 218th birthday of physicist and mathematician Joseph Plateau.218 Years, 0 Days

"ירח (Moon)" = 218 (Hebrew Gematria)

"Death" = 218 (English Extended)

The 218th Prime number is 1361

His death was a span of exactly 136 years, 1 month ago:136 Years, 1 Month, 0 Days

The number 1361 ends with a 61. This is interesting because 61 is also the 18th Prime number. Plateau’s famous invention was the phenakistiscope, which sums to 61 in both alternate reduction forms of gematria:

Phenakistiscope = 61 in both Chaldean and Septenary

Today is exactly 61 weeks before the next total solar eclipse, which falls on December 14th of next year. December 14th also falls 61 days after October 14th:

Today is the 14th of the month. The same total eclipse falls on the 14th of the month, meaning its exactly 14 months, 0 days from today: 14 Months, 0 Days

"Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau" = 140 (Single Reduction)

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