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Tennessee Governor Honors KKK Founder

“How can we divide the public today?”
“Let’s tell them the Governor honored a racist”
“That’ll do.”

Tennessee governor signs proclamation honoring early KKK leader, sparking backlash

This article was published on the 13th of July, written 13/7

"Tennessee" = 137 (Reverse Ordinal)

137 is the 33rd Prime number

"KKK" = 33 (English Ordinal)

KKK = 11 + 11 + 11 = 33
11 × 11 × 11 = 1331

Nathan Bedford Forrest would be 10331 weeks old:10331 Weeks

33 connects to the number 213 through the calendar, as 30 weeks, 3 days is 213 days.

The proclamation honored a man named Nathan Bedford Forrest

"Nathan Bedford Forrest" = 213 (English Ordinal)

"Racism" = 213 (Jewish)

Today has Full numerology of 59(7) + (13) + (20) + (19) = 59

Nathan Bedford Forrest was born on a date with 59 numerology too:(7) + (13) + (18) + (21) = 59

This is a number stamped into stories involving race.

Slave, Negro, Blues all = 59 Ordinal

The Governor of Tennessee is Bill Lee

Bill Lee was born in the year ’59
The 59th Prime number is 277

Bill Lee is 59 years, 277 days old:59 Years, 277 Days

"Tennessee Governor Bill Lee" = 277 (English Ordinal)

He’s been in office for 175 days:175 Days

"William Byron Lee" = 175 (English Ordinal)

August 11th Riddle

As I have been continuing to document, the date August 11th is highly significant this yet. Check out how Ku Klux Klan has 811 gematria:

"Ku Klux Klan" = 811 (Jewish)

811 is the 141st Prime number

Nathan Bedford Forrest died 141 years ago:141 Years

Today is a span of 30 days before 8/1130 Days

Bill Lee and Ku Klux Klan both = 30 in Reduction

"KKK" = 30 (Jewish)

In Reverse, Bill Lee sums to 42, a number stamped into stories involving race.

"Bill Lee" = 42 (Reverse Reduction)

Nigger, Bigotry, Brothers all = 42

The proclamation was signed 42 days after the anniversary of the State of Tennessee being admitted to the Union42 Days

Nathan Forrest / Forrest Gump Riddle

Today is 257 days after the anniversary of the death of Nathan Bedford Forrest257 Days

Forrest Gump was released 25 years, 7 days ago:25 Years, 7 Days

At the time of this post, the Moon is at the 257th degree of the ecliptic. The Moon ranges 57 degrees north and south of the equator.

Moon, Bill Lee, and Backlash all = 57 in Ordinal

Today is 570 days after the Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument was taken down:570 Days

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