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The Opening of the Golden Gate Bridge & August 11th

On the date the Golden Gate Bridge opened, San Francisco had been incorporated for 4545 weeks:4545 Weeks

Golden Gate = 45 in both Reduction methods

"Bridge" = 45 (English Ordinal)

Forty-five and Fifty-four both = 54 & 45 in Reduction

On August 11th this year, London Breed, the 45th Mayor of San Francisco, will turn 45 years old, or 540 months:

"Golden Gate" = 540 (English Sumerian)

London Breed = 54 in both Reduction methods

London Breed…London Bridge

August eleventh = 54 & 180, Golden Gate = 180

On that same date, California Governor Gavin Newsom will have been in office for 30 weeks, 6 days, and will be a span of 306 days after his birthday:

Bridge = 36 in both Reduction methods

The Golden Gate is the galactic center, located at the 266th degree of the ecliptic.

San Francisco, California and Two hundred and sixty-six both = 102 & 120

"Two hundred sixty-six" = 281 (English Ordinal)

"Gavin Christopher Newsom" = 281 (English Ordinal)

281 is the 60th Prime number

The Golden Gate and San Francisco Bay both = 60 in Reduction

On the date the Golden Gate bridge was opened to the public, The Moon began at the 266th degree, or the Golden Gate

Golden Gate has matching gematria with both The Moon and Two sixty-six

Golden Gate & The Moon = 90. Two sixty-six = 90 & 207, Angelo Joseph Rossi = 207

"San Francisco, CA" = 90 (Reverse Reduction)

San Francisco, California = 210 Ordinal, Moon = 210 Extended

San Francisco’s Mayor at the time was Angelo Rossi

Angelo Joseph Rossi and Golden Gate Bridge both = 81

On the date the bridge opened, he had been in office for 333 weeks, or 2333 days:

2333 is the 345th Prime number

"The Golden Gate Bridge" = 345 (Reverse Ordinal)

In Hebrew, the word Moon sums to 38 and 218

ירח (Moon) = 38 & 218 in Hebrew gematria

The Golden Gate Bridge opened on the date leaving 218 days in the year:

It opened 38 days after construction was completed:38 Days

The 38th Prime number is 163

The bridge’s opening fell 1603 days after construction began:1603 Days

The Moon sums to 223. August 11th is the 223rd day of the year:

"הירח (The Moon)" = 223 (Hebrew Gematria)

The Bridge was opened on a date with 88 and 52 numerology:(5) + (27) + (19) + (37) = 88 & (5) + (27) + 1+9+3+7 = 52

California = 88 Ordinal and 52 Reduction

Bridge construction lasted 52 months
The 52nd Prime number is 239

"Golden Gate" = 239 (Jewish)

The Bridge’s opening fell exactly 229 weeks after construction began:229 Weeks, 0 Days

229 is the 50th Prime number

San Francisco = 50 & 76 in Reduction

The 76th Prime number is 383

August eleventh, twenty nineteen = 383 Reverse, 130 Single Reduction, 3270 Jewish

On August 11th, 2019, the Golden Gate Bridge will be in its 30027th day since it opened, and San Francisco will be 3 months, 27 days after the date it was incorporated:

Notice the 130 in Single Reduction. San Francisco’s Mayor, London Breed, will have been in office for exactly 13 months:13 Months, 0 Days

In Jewish gematria, Thirteen = 347, Golden Gate Bridge = 346

August 11th will be a span of 103 weeks after the Great American Eclipse:103 Weeks, 0 Days

The Golden Gate Bridge opened up a span of 13 days before the next total solar eclipse, and 1 year, 3 days before the one after that:

Measuring from the most recent total solar eclipse to the bridge’s opening was 11 months, 8 days:11 Months, 8 Days

August 11th, which can be written 11/8, falls 118 days after San Francisco’s incorporation date:118 Days

It will be a span of year, 18 weeks before the next total solar eclipse:1 Year, 18 Weeks, 0 Days

811 is the 141st Prime number

"San Francisco, California" = 141 (Reverse Reduction)

London Bridge is Falling Down was a nursery rhyme published in 1744. This means it will be 275 years old this year. The Golden Gate Bridge opened on the 27th of May, or 27/5.

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