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10 Shot, 1 Dead at Virginia Block Party

10 people shot, one fatally, at Memorial Day weekend gathering in Virginia

Notice how the article was updated at 10:09


"Chesapeake, Virginia" = 107 (Reverse Reduction)

10 shot, 1 killed at a Memorial Day shooting?

"Memorial Day shooting" = 101 (Reverse Reduction)

This looks to be connected to Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam

Ralph Shearer Northam = 101 Reduction & 218 Ordinal

The shooting happened in Chesapeake

"Chesapeake" = 218 (English Extended)

The Mayor of Chesapeake is Richard W. West

"Richard W. West" = 2180 (Jewish)

218 is the gematria of death, which also shares 74 and 38 gematria with killing and Chesapeake

Death = 218 & 38, Chesapeake and Killing both = 74 & 38

The event occurred 38 days before this year’s total solar eclipse:38 Days

The 38th Prime number is 163

"Chesapeake, Virginia" = 163 (English Ordinal)

The number 612 is commonly attributed in shootings. Click the link for details on how this has been documented for a long time.

The mayor of Chesapeake, VA is Rick West, who was sworn in on November 14th of 2017. Governor Ralph Northam was sworn in on January 13th, 2018, meaning the number 612 is in both of their tenures on the date of this shooting:

…Coincidence?"Jewish" = 1612 (Jewish)

Remember how the shooting at UNC-Charlotte was 119 days after the anniversary of Governor “Roy Asberry Cooper III” = 119 (R) taking office?
A week later, a shooting at a STEM School occurred 119 days into Governor Jared Polis took office in “Highlands Ranch, Colorado” = 119 (SR)
This shooting occurred a span of 1 year, 19 weeks into Governor Northam’s term in Virginia:1 Year, 19 Weeks, 0 Days

All-seeing eye, Star of David, Master plan, and Divine rule = 119 in Ordinal

"Fraternal Order of Police" = 119 (Full Reduction)

Worth noting that the last name Northam sums to the same as Virginia in Ordinal:

Northam & Virginia both = 89 Ordinal

89 is the 24th Prime number5 + 2+5 + 2+0+1+9 = 24

The date also had a Life Lesson number of 42, which is the gematria of block party
(5) + (25) + 2+0+1+9 = 42

"Block party" = 42 (Full Reduction)

42 is the gematria of the word gun, an object this is obviously meant to draw more attention to.

"Gun" = 42 (English Ordinal)

It’s also the Reverse value of Ten, the number of people shot:

Ten = 42, 145, and 255

The shooting was 145 months after the Virginia Tech shooting on the 145th day of the year:

It was 255 days after Governor Northam’s birthday:255 Days

The “Lie” Code

The word LIE flipped upside-down is 317. This also applies in gematria:

"The word LIE flipped upside-down" = 317 (English Ordinal)

CNN’s headline gave us this number:

"10 people shot, one fatally, at Memorial Day weekend gathering in Virginia" = 317 (Reverse Reduction)

The word liE can also look like the number 113. This is the primary number of deception. Ralph Northam was sworn in on 1/13, and this shooting occurred 113 days after his blackface controversy:

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