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Actress & Model Stefanie Sherk Dies @ 37

Stefanie Sherk, Canadian model and actress, dies at 37

Stefanie Sherk was a Canadian model and actress who was married to actor Demián Bichir, whose full name matches eclipse sacrifice.

Canadian model and actress

Demián Bichir Nájera & Eclipse Sacrifice both = 142, 290, and 101 in the base ciphers

Notice the 101‘s. Sherk died exactly 101 days after her birthday:101 Days

In the Gospels of the New Testament, it was Jesus who was crucified during a solar eclipse. Bichir’s full name in Jewish/Latin gematria matches Jesus Christ in English:

"Demián Bichir Nájera" = 925 (Jewish)

"Jesus Christ" = 925 (English Extended)

His wife’s last name, Sherk, sums to 74, like Jesus.

Sherk & Jesus both = 74 & 61

Including the end date, her death fell 74 days before the next total solar eclipse:74 Days

The 74th Prime number is 373

She died 37 weeks, 3 days before her husband’s birthday:37 Weeks, 3 Days

61 is the 18th Prime number

Her death fell on April 20th, a date with Reduced numerology of 184 + 2+0 + 2+0+1+9 = 18

"April twentieth" = 180 (English Ordinal)

Sherk was 18 years younger than her husband, who was born on the 1st of August, or 1/8. The film Shrek was released 18 years ago this week.

According to famousbirthdays.com, Stefanie was best-known for her role in a TV show called #Hashtag: The Series

Best known for having starred as Marlee's Mom on the 2015 television series #Hashtag: The Series.

This show has gematria of 73 and 607

Hashtag: The Series = 73 Reduction & 607 Jewish

She died 73 days before the next total solar eclipse, and 607 days after the most recent one:

Both of these numbers are prevalent in death/murder by numbers.

Demián Bichir, Total solar eclipse, Blood sacrifice, and human sacrifice all = 67 in Reduction

"Sacrifice" = 73 (English Ordinal)

"Ritual sacrifice" = 73 (Full Reduction)

"Solar eclipse" = 73 (Reverse Reduction)

Her husband, Bichir, has one Academy Award nomination to his credit for his role in the film A Better Life, which was released exactly 7 years, 300 days before her death:7 Years, 300 Days

That movie was released in 2011 and was 94 minutes long.

In Ordinal / Reduction, ritual human sacrifice sums to 211 and 94

Ritual human sacrifice

Stefanie began dating her husband in 2011. The image CNN uses in their article was taken in 2011. Her name sums to 211, while Demián’s name sums to 94.

"Stefanie Sherk" = 211 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Demián Bichir" = 94 (English Ordinal)

At the top of this post, notice the headline’s update time of 11:06. This is an upside-down 911

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic)

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 103 (Single Reduction)

"A Better Life" = 103 (English Ordinal)

Stefanie died exactly 103 days before her husband’s birthday:
103 Days

Stefanie Sherk was born in the year ’82
She died a span of 8 months, 20 days after her husband’s birthday, and 8 months, 20 days before her own birthday:

"Ritual sacrifice" = 82 (Single Reduction)

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