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Trump to Meet w/ Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

Trump reportedly plans to meet with North Korea's Kim Jong Un in Vietnam on February 27-28

This news about a negotiation with Kim Jong Un falls 129 days before Trump’s birthday:129 Days

"Negotiation" = 129 (English Ordinal)

"Kim Jong Un" = 129 (Reverse Ordinal)

Donald Trump will negotiate with Kim Jong Un to help avoid a World War on a date with Standard numerology of 48(2) + (27) + (19) = 48

"Donald Trump" = 48 (Full Reduction)

"Negotiate" = 48 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Kim" = 48 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Kim Jong Un" = 48 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"World War" = 48 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The meeting will end on a date with 42 and 49 numerologies:(2) + (28) + (19) = 49(2) + (28) + 2+0+1+9 = 42

"Donald J. Trump" = 49 (Full Reduction)

"Negotiate" = 42 (Full Reduction)

"Kim Jong Un" = 42 (Full Reduction)

The first date will also have Reduced numerology of 23, fitting for a summit with Korea2 + 2+7 + 2+0+1+9 = 23

"Summit" = 23 (Full Reduction)

"Korea" = 23 (Full Reduction)

The 23rd Prime number is 83

"Koreans" = 83 (English Ordinal)

"The Circle" = 83 (English Ordinal)

Mathematics of the Circle

The meeting will fall 50 days after Kim Jong Un’s birthday:50 Days

Circle, Donald, and Korea all = 50 in Ordinal

This ritual, per usual, involves the mathematics of the circle.

"Mathematics of the circle" = 108 (Single Reduction)

Trump will be meeting with The North a span of 108 days before his birthday:108 Days

The North, Geometry, and Full Moon all sum to 108 in both Ordinal ciphers

The word Pi has Ordinal gematria of 25

"Pi" = 25 (English Ordinal)

This news comes on February 5th, or 2/5

"Trump" = 25 (Full Reduction)

"Vietnam" = 25 (Septenary)

The National holiday in both North and South Korea is National Liberation Day, which was a span of exactly 25 weeks ago:25 Weeks, 0 Days

National Liberation Day is August 15th, written 8/15. This summit will take place exactly 8 months, 15 days after the last US / Korean summit:8 Months, 15 Days

Today is exactly 34 weeks after that summit, which was in Singapore34 Weeks, 0 Days

Trump reportedly plans to meet with North Korea's Kim Jong Un in Vietnam on February 27-28

The 34th Prime number is 139

"Singapore" = 139 (Reverse Ordinal)

Today is also 139 days before the anniversary of Freemasonry139 Days

"Freemasonry" = 139 (English Ordinal)

This means it’s a span of 227 days after Freemasonry’s anniversary:227 Days

"Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 227 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Today is also 7 months, 22 days before the Jesuit Order’s anniversary:7 Months, 22 Days

"The Society of Jesus" = 227 (Jewish Ordinal)

Korea’s National Liberation Day is August 15th, the 227th day of the year:

227 and 722 are significant for their relation to the circle.
(Alt+227) = π
22÷7  =  π  =  3.14"Twenty-two divided by seven" = 314 (English Ordinal)

The meeting begins on February 27th, or 2/27

Today is 7 months, 22 days after Trump’s birthday:7 Months, 22 Days

2/27 will have Full numerology of 68(2) + (27) + (20) + (19) = 68

"Donald John Trump" = 68 (Full Reduction)

The 68th Prime number is 337

Today is 337 days before Kim Jong Un’s birthday:337 Days

"Pi" = 337 (Squares)

"Three hundred and thirty-seven" = 314 (English Ordinal)

Numbers of Freemasonry

It’s interesting that Trump will be meeting the leader from Pyongyang, North Korea in Vietnam

Pyongyang, North Korea, Vietnam, and Masonry all sum to 84 and 105 in the base ciphers

The meeting will take place 187 days before Vietnam’s Independence Day on September 2nd:187 Days

"Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 187 (Full Reduction)

Kim Jong Un = Freemason in both Reduction ciphers

Is North Korean leader Kim Jong UnFreemason?

North Korean = Freemasonry in all four base ciphers

The meeting will take place on the 58th and 59th days of the year:

58 is the gematria of Biegun, the U.S.’s negotiator for North Korea.

"Biegun" = 58 (English Ordinal)

The Negotiator

The sub-headline of CNBC’s article reads as follows:President Donald Trump reportedly plans to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam at the end of February, according to multiple reports. The president told television anchors earlier in the day that he would announce details of the summit during his State of the Union address. The lead U.S. negotiator with North Korea, Stephen Biegun, is set to meet with his North Korean counterpart on Wednesday in Pyongyang.

Stephen Biegun is the negotiator for North Korea?

"Stephen Biegun" = 145 (English Ordinal)

"North Korea" = 145 (Reverse Ordinal)

Stephen will need to get through to Kim

"Stephen" = 33 (Full Reduction)"Kim" = 33 (English Ordinal)

I’m assuming he can talk in Korean

"Stephen Biegun" = 64 (Full Reduction)"Talk" = 64 (Reverse Ordinal)"Korean" = 64 (English Ordinal)

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