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Super Bowl 53 – Game Stats


Tom Brady played college football at Michigan

"Tom Brady" = 46 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Michigan" = 46 (Full Reduction)

Early in the game, Stephen Gostkowski missed a 46-yard field goal on 4th & 6.

The 46th Prime number is 199
Brady was drafted #199

"Thomas Edward Patrick Brady" = 1099 (Satanic)

Brady had 262 yards passing:

"Two hundred sixty-two" = 199 (Reverse Ordinal)

He took one sack, giving the Patriots 253 team passing yards.

Super Bowl Fifty-three & The National Football League = 253 Ordinal

Opposing quarterback Jared Goff was 253 days before his birthday:253 Days

Jared Thomas Goff shares gematria with fifty-three

"Jared Thomas Goff" = 148 (English Ordinal)"Fifty-three" = 148 (Reverse Ordinal)

In Extended gematria, fifty-three sums to 1229

"Fifty-three" = 1229 (English Extended)

Jared Goff had 229 yards passing. Because of 4 sacks, the Rams finished with 198 yards of team passing:

The 229th verse of Revelation reveals the number of the Beast

"Beast" = 198 (Jewish)


Todd Gurley finished the game with 35 yards rushing, averaging 3.5 yards per carry:

Todd Gurley was the only offensive player on either team to share an August 3rd birthday with Tom Brady, who was born on a date with a life lesson number of 358 + 3 + 1+9+7+7 = 35

"Tom Brady" = 35 (Full Reduction)

Notice how Gurley’s longest run was 16 yards. The 16th Prime number is 53, the inverse of 35.

The leading rusher for the Patriots was Sony Michel, who had ninety-four yards:

Sony Michel & Ninety-four both = 123 & 147 Ordinal


The leading receiver for Los Angeles in Super Bowl 53 was Brandin Cooks, who happened to play for New England in last year’s Super Bowl.

"Brandin Cooks" = 53 (Full Reduction)

"Super Bowl 53" = 184 (English Ordinal)

"Brandin Tawan Cooks" = 184 (English Ordinal)

Cooks was 131 days after his birthday:131 Days

The Super Bowl was played in Atlanta, Georgia

Super Bowl & Atlanta, Georgia = 131 Ordinal

He finished with 8 catches for 120 yards (15 yards per catch)

Atlanta = 15 Reduction, 69 & 120 Ordinal

The 69th Prime number is 347
3×47 is 141
Julian Edelman had 141 yards (14.1 yards per catch)

"Julian Francis Edelman" = 83 (Full Reduction)

"Football" = 83 (English Ordinal)

Brady was born on 8/3
83 is the 23rd Prime number
The game was played on 2/3

"Brady" = 23 (Full Reduction)

The final score was 13-3

"Football" = 133 (Reverse Ordinal)


Speaking of 83…Stephen Gostkowski made two field goals of 41 and 42 yards each, totaling 83.

As for his long of 42, the 42nd Prime number is 181

"Super Bowl LIII" = 181 (Reverse Ordinal)

LIII, of course, represents 53. Greg Zuerlein’s only made field goal was 53 yards out:

Remember, the only touchdown of the game was scored exactly 53 minutes into the game, and it gave Running Back Sony Michel 53 rushing yards.


Ryan Allen ended with 215 punting yards:

Before the game, Bobby mentioned why 215 was significant to Tom Brady:Brady and 215 His first NFL game was against the "Detroit Lions" = 1319 the 215th prime. The pats had 215 total yards and the moon started the game at 215° of the ecliptic. Brady born on the 215th day. John Parry is the head ref for SB 53. John Parry = 1319 Jewish This game is 225 lunar months after his first game. He's listed as 225lb. 225 = 15x15 two 15s. ISIS. ISIS = 218 ext Today is 218 months 11 days since his first game. 2+1+8 =11. Remember his backup is Brian Axel Hoyer 2 1 8 initials BAH. Los Angeles Rams = 218 reverse ordinal and 529 Jewish. This game is 115 days before JFKs bday on 5/29. JFK died on a date with 115 date numerology. Killing = 115. Brian Hoyer = 115 ordinal Brady born 5003 days after the JFK assassination and here he is in SB 53. 5003 is the 670th prime and 670 = 2x5x67 the 1st 3rd and 19th primes. 1319..

Also notice how Allen’s longest punt was 53 yards…Super Bowl 53

Johnny Hekker of the Rams, who stands 6’5″, broke a Super Bowl record with a 65-yard punt.

If you watch the broadcast, you’ll hear Jim Nantz mention Philadelphia right before the play.

"Philadelphia" = 65 (Full Reduction)

The Patriots are now 6-5 in Super Bowls
The 65th Prime number is 313
The Rams lost 3-13

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