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A Little Break?

I'm starting to realize...so many people think numerology and gematria and all this business is crazy. And I would dispute that to the death - there's nothing crazy about finding patterns in what's happening But there CAN be something crazy about always looking for patterns in what's happening and I'm right near that edge

Studying gematria has brought me more fulfillment and knowledge about the world we live in than anything that has preceded it. What began as a deep-dive into conspiracy theories turned into an unexpected discovery about our reality that has brought me more peace, understanding, and love for God than I ever thought was possible.

I always told myself I would keep studying this as long as I felt like I was learning and getting closer to the Truth. While I’m still getting closer, there were a few more direct roads I could have taken. In other words, I could have spent less time on a better approach and made it to where I have quicker.

I started this Blog a little less than one year ago, with the intent of increasing the number of stories I could cover and having a better base of documentation for what I had learned. An unintended outcome was a much simpler format for making videos that allowed me to put out an informative video virtually every day. Less than 2 months after I launched my blog, my YouTube channel had been terminated.

I sometimes feel like I let YouTube off the hook by slowing down my video content. Zach has shown that as long as you have a channel, you can still gain a high amount of subscribers, which I’ve failed to do. I have about the same number of subs now as I did when my channel was deleted in February, but credit that partially to YouTube’s evil side, which literally subscribers from my channel on its own volition, without their consent.

Gaining subscribers was never really my goal – creating better, more-digestible content was, and I eventually got better at that as the year went on. I wanted to help point other bright minds to this knowledge in hopes that one day the code can be “cracked”, things can be predicted with ease, and people will stop being fooled by this satanic mainstream media.

I ran a weekly Podcast for several months, but the amount of work I was putting into organizing it didn’t seem worth it. One 2-hour video each week is nice for the subscribers who want everything in one sitting, but it’s by no means the best way to reach new people, which SHOULD really be the goal.

So I began doing a few more live streams, but I was still lumping stories together and creating longer videos that are unappealing to the first-time passerby. I love the dynamic of having people in the Live Chat, but I’m beginning to think it would be better to put out shorter videos like I used to and just do one or two longer videos a week where I can communicate with subscribers.

This format is a bit more conducive to something like Patreon, which I can’t deny thinking about a lot as of late. I don’t love my real job, but I don’t hate it, and it allows me the freedom to produce plenty of content. But is it enough? And is it worth the energy I have to use on it every day? These are things I’ll continue to consider.

This Blog will certainly be seeing fewer posts in the coming year. I never intended to keep up the pace I have for a very long time, but I never plan on terminating this Blog or anything either. I know I’ll always want to make a post from time to time. But in the coming year, I believe I need to focus a little bit more on the “technical” side of gematria – not just improving the website, but doing a better job of making gematria “scientifically” provable, which I believe can be done, but will take a lot of creative work to solve.

Thanks to all of those who have reached out to me since I began this work – if I haven’t responded to you in the past month or two, please don’t fret, I literally have not had my nose in my e-mail much lately. I’ll be cleaning all of this up before the New Year.

Peace and God Bless,

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