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Break Confirmed

Yesterday, I suggested I might need a little break.

Today, upon rebooting my laptop, I got this error on Windows 10: (I’m making this post from my work computer. Sorry Boss)

I began searching for solutions…tried a few with no success. I now realize I’ll probably need to get a Windows 10 boot ISO. It’s highly unlikely I lost any files, and even if I did, I backed everything up just last week.

But you know what…that’s a little more work than I want to do on this right now. Maybe this is my sign that a little break is in order. So that’s what I’ll be doing over the next several days.

Some people say the outside world is a reflection of your inner self. Interestingly, I found myself chaotically stressed for several hours today while trying to secure a ticket for my vacation next year, a process which SHOULD have been simple for someone as computer-savvy as myself. I tried rebooting my computer as a solution, but got the message above, and my brother wound up having to buy my ticket for me.

We didn’t quite get the package we wanted, but I can rest easy knowing our Mom will still get full VIP treatment for her last music festival. There’s a pretty good chance she’ll be the only person at the festival who attended the original Woodstock in 1969.

So with all of that settled, I’m going to spend the weekend with family and friends, including someone who has become a little more special to me over the past few weeks. We’ll go to a show, I’ll cook some good food, do a little shopping…and I think I’m even going to buy a Christmas tree for my house. Go figure.

As much as I enjoy the numbers…it’s also good to go and enjoy what those numbers are producing.   xD

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