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Newlyweds Die in Helicopter Crash in Uvalde, Texas

Newlyweds die in helicopter crash leaving their wedding

Lots of crashes and accidents in the news lately. Here’s a story about a newlywed couple dying in a helicopter crash.

"Newlywed" = 111 (English Ordinal)

"Helicopter" = 111 (English Ordinal)

The date had Full numerology of 53(11) + (4) + (20) + (18) = 53

Both the wife and groom were students at Sam Houston State University

"Sam Houston" = 53 (Reverse Full Reduction)

53 is the 16th Prime number

"Helicopter crash" = 160 (English Ordinal)

It was the date leaving 57 days in the year:

"Helicopter" = 57 (Full Reduction)

The crash occurred in Uvalde, Texas

"Uvalde, Texas" = 163 (Reverse Ordinal)

163 is the 38th Prime number

Death, Killing, Murder, and RIP all sum to 38 in one of the base ciphers

In Reduction, the name of the city lines up with Kill
Consider how the date was 11/4 and 11×4 = 44
It was 440 days after the Great American eclipse:440 Days

"Uvalde, Texas" = 44 (Single Reduction)"Uvalde, Texas" = 64 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Kill" = 44 (English Ordinal)"Kill" = 64 (Reverse Ordinal)

Regardless of how you write the city, it’s filled with numbers of death

Uvalde, TX = Kill & Sacrifice in multiple base methods

Uvalde = Death, murder, and killing in at least one base method

Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman Byler, seniors at Sam Houston State University, married Saturday evening at the Byler family ranch before departing on the helicopter in front of family and friends.

Their names, when combined, sum to the same as Uvalde, TX

"Will Byler - Bailee Ackerman Byler" = 280 (English Ordinal)"Uvalde, TX" = 28 (Full Reduction)"Kill" = 28 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Will Byler - Bailee Ackerman Byler" = 170 (Reverse Full Reduction)"Uvalde, TX" = 107 (Reverse Ordinal)"Sacrifice" = 170 (Reverse Ordinal)

The date of the crash had Reduced numerology of 171+1 + 4 + 2+0+1+8 = 17

Whether or not you include and between their names, you get gematric alignments with Freemasonry

"Will Byler - Bailee Ackerman Byler" = 127 (Full Reduction)"Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman Byler" = 187 (Reverse Full Reduction)

187 is the homicide code

"Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 127 (Full Reduction)"Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 187 (Full Reduction)

The name Byler has perfect overlap with Mason

Byler = Mason in all four base ciphers

"Freemasonry" = 139 (English Ordinal)

Sam Houston State University, where both Bylers were Seniors, was founded in 1879, making it 139 years old:139 Years

The highest degree in Masonry is allegedly the 33rd
This newlywed couple died immediately after their wedding on a date with Standard numerology of 33(11) + (4) + (18) = 33

"Newlywed" = 33 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Wedding" = 33 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Sam Houston State University" = 303 (Reverse Ordinal)"Sam" = 33 (English Ordinal)

Masonry, Police, Secrecy, Order, and False Flag all sum to 33 in Reduction

The 33rd Prime number is 137

"Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman Byler" = 137 (Full Reduction)

The Freemason motto is order out of chaos

"Order out of chaos" = 222 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman Byler" = 2220 (Jewish)

The couple went to SHSU and died in Uvalde, TX

"SHSU" = 67 (English Ordinal)

"Blood sacrifice" = 67 (Full Reduction) "Human sacrifice" = 67 (Full Reduction)

67 is the 19th Prime number

"Uvalde, TX" = 109 (English Ordinal)

"Sam Houston" = 919 (English Extended)

919 is 616 flipped upside-down

The crash and story fall 311 days after Texas’s anniversary of admission to the Union:
311 Days   311 Days

"Wedding" = 311 (Satanic)

"The number for dishonesty" = 311 (Reverse Ordinal)

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