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Amy Schumer Gets Arrested at Kavanaugh Protests

Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested in Kavanaugh protests

The linked article contains a video in which it appears as if both women verbally agreed to be arrested. It’s a little tough to hear for yourself, but I’m going with the claim of the person who uploaded the video.

Ask yourself – why would anyone agree to be arrested if no crime was ever committed? Well if you’re Amy Schumer, you sold your soul long ago to the Hollywood elite in exchange for fame, and you would agree because you know that’s the entire reason you’re there.

As always, this stupid ritual was carried out by the numbers. Amy Schumer was arrested in her 126th day of her age:126 Days

"Amy Schumer" = 126 (English Ordinal)

"Arrested" = 126 (Reverse Ordinal)

The other famous woman arrested was Emily Ratajkowski
She was born 120 months, 6 days after Schumer:120 Months, 6 Days

They were arrested on October 4th, or 10/4
Emily Ratajkowski was born on a date with 104 numerology and has name gematria of 104(6) + (7) + (91) = 104

"Emily Ratajkowski" = 104 (Reverse Full Reduction)


Ratajkowski has birth numerology of 33 and was arrested alongside Schumer at the protests by the police6 + 7 + 1+9+9+1 = 33

"Schumer" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"Protests" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"Police" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Emily’s name sums to 67, the 19th Prime number, one we see stamped into #MeToo propaganda virtually every day.

"Emily Ratajkowski" = 67 (Full Reduction)

"#MeToo" = 67 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Female" = 67 (Jewish)

The 67th Prime number is 331

"Arrested while protesting" = 331 (Reverse Ordinal)

In Jewish gematria, divine feminine sums to 911

"Divine feminine" = 911 (Jewish)

The inverse of 911 is 119
Ratajkowski was 119 days after her birthday:119 Days

"Arrested while protesting" = 119 (Full Reduction)

The Kavanaugh protests were on a date with a life lesson number of 25(10) + (4) + 2+0+1+8 = 25

The 25th Prime number is 97

"Kavanaugh protests" = 97 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Headline Gematria:

"Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested in Kavanaugh protests" = 729 (English Ordinal)

729 is a number beloved by the Judeo-Masonic order that runs police, mainstream media, entertainment, etc.

"Freemason" = 729 (Trigonal) "The Society of Jesus" = 729 (Primes)

729 in Octal is 1331

The Jesuit Order’s emblem is a circle
The Freemason emblem has a compass, which is used to draw a circle, in which there are 360 degrees

"Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested in Kavanaugh protests" = 360 (Reverse Full Reduction)

America is coded out like a big circle"America" = 50 (English Ordinal)"Donald" = 50 (English Ordinal)"Circle" = 50 (English Ordinal)

"The United States of America" = 261 (English Ordinal)

"Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested in Kavanaugh protests" = 261 (Full Reduction)

"Schumer-Ratajkowski" = 261 (Reverse Ordinal)

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