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Proof the Southwest Explosion is a Hoax w/ ONE Find

Normally, I’m a proponent of the idea that you have to look for numerous gematria alignments to conclude whether or not the story is fabricated. Just because someone’s name has a match to “sacrifice” in one method doesn’t really mean anything.

However, I’m going to make an exception on this one. I mean, I’ve already provided plenty of evidence that the Southwest Airlines engine explosion that resulted in the first death on an American commercial airliner in about 9 years was a hoax.

I also say that 13 and 33 are your primary hoax codes. So, I don’t believe my services are required any longer after posting this image of the Jewish gematria of the pilot of the plane, Tammie Joe Shults:

"Tammie Jo Shults" = 1333 (Jewish)

Well…we might as well make it two finds:

"Tammie Jo Shults" = 1103 (English Extended)

113, the mainstream media’s number of deception

Can you believe how easy they make this shit…

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