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South Korea Hospital Fire Kills “At Least” 37

The California wildfires have raised concerns that perhaps some sort of advanced, directed-energy technology is being used to cause them. Many of these wildfires have spread so rapidly, it’s impossible for them to have begun naturally. Homes have been seen completely decimated, while trees that are close nearby remain untouched by flames.

I bring this up because no cause has been found for this fire at Sejong Hospital in Miryang, South Korea, where more than 37 people are reported to have been killed.Sejong Hospital = Sacrifice

The second building affected was Sejong Nursing Hospital.
“Sejong Nursing Hospital” = 272 (English Ordinal)
“Death” = 272 (Trigonal)
“Death” = 272 (Reverse Satanic)

“Sejong Nursing Hospital” = 115 (Reverse Full Reduction)
“Killing” = 115 (Reverse Ordinal)
“Killing” = 115 (Jewish)

In July, I made this video, detailing the numerology of many fires from across the globe, and how they related to the 2017 solar eclipse. I suggested freemasonry was responsible for setting these, based on the numbers I saw.

This fire further confirms that theory:"Miryang, South Korea" = 713 (Primes)"Total eclipse" = 713 (English Extended)

“Miryang, South Korea” = 1320 (Sumerian)
The date of the 2017 eclipse left 132 days on the calendar.

"Freemasonry" = 158 (Reverse Ordinal)Measuring from the 2017 solar eclipse to the date of this fire:158 days

Freemasons pride themselves on being master builders.Master Builder number = 220 Ordinal
"Miryang, South Korea" = 220 (English Ordinal)

Freemasonry also invented American football, which is 11-on-11, meaning 22 players are on the field at all times."National Football League" = 158 (Reverse Single Reduction EP)National Football League = 220These three phrases all sum to 85 (Full Reduction) as well.

The NFL is gearing up for Super Bowl 52 next weekend. The 52nd prime number is 239."Miryang, South Korea" = 239 (Reverse Ordinal)

This Super Bowl is all about the American flag, which was sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia, one of two cities with a team in the game.

This also marks the 98th season of the NFL. The Sejong Nursing Hospital had 98 beds.

The city also syncs up the English and Hebrew gematria of Saturn:"Miryang, South Korea" = 1741 (English Extended)"Saturn" = 741 (English Extended)

"Miryang, South Korea" = 713 (Primes)Saturn = 713 in Hebrew Gematria

How much truth are we getting about this fire? 113 is the number of deception.

"Sejong Hospital" = 1130 (Jewish)

13 is one of the primary hoax codes. It’s said 130 people were injured. The Wikipedia article still states 37 dead, despite 39 being the updated number reported.

“Patriots” = 37 (Full Reduction)

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