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Google & Wikipedia Caught Changing Numbers

Video for this post

My Video on 9/11

In the Special Presentation I uploaded on 11/9/2017, I begin by mentioning how the 77′ Pentagon on the 77th meridian was hit by Flight 77 exactly 77 minutes after takeoff at 777 feet per second.

Well now there’s one problem…apparently the Pentagon got shorter.

Growing up, I always remember hearing that old people would lose an inch or two in height due to their spine compressing over time. Apparently this applies to buildings now too.

Even the Wikipedia editor seems confused. They used to have an exact measurement, all the way down to half of an inch:

Wikipedia entry as of January 5th, 2018

It’s now been changed to:

Wikipedia entry as of January 27th, 2018

Google reflects this as well:

Thanks to Dezy for this hilarious observation:"Pentagon height" = 77 (Full Reduction)

"Pentagon height" = 71 (Jewish Reduced)

No wonder the Jews changed it to 71′.

It’s interesting that the update was made on 1/10. That was a central focus of the 9/11 video. “Rockefeller” = 110, “Osama bin Laden” = 110, “New York Port Authority” = 110, the WTC was 110 stories tall and the North Tower had a 110-m antenna.

I thought they might do this after my video was uploaded…but it’s still surprising to see. They are literally changing numbers, in fear of the people waking up.

And they said we can’t make a change? It’s a start…

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