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Alex Bowman Wins Grant Park 165 in Chicago

Bubba Wallace hits NASCAR Chicago winner Alex Bowman's car following earlier incident

Naturally, this is all synced up to the other major races of the weekend.

After his win, Bowman’s car was slammed by Bubba Wallace as retaliation for a prior incident. Wallace is the most successful African-American in the history of the sport, having a white father and black mother. In Formula One, Lewis Hamilton holds this distinction, having a black father and white mother. Both Wallace and Hamilton have been featured in Pixar’s Cars series.

After more than two and a half years without a win, Hamilton ended his own drought on Sunday, picking up his record-extending 104th win at Silverstone:

Bowman earned a win a span of 10 weeks, 4 days after his birthday:

Alexander Michael Warren Bowman and Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton both = 282, 129, 560, and 386

Alex Bowman and Lewis Hamilton both = 160, 318, and 212

Sean Waltman / Scott Hall

Alex Bowman was born 3030 days after Lewis Hamilton:

Sean Waltman and Hall both = 33

Thirty three = 515 Primes and 1515 Standard

Hall was 5015 days old when Sean Waltman was born:

Sean Waltman beat Razor Ramon to become the 1-2-3 Kid. Bowman won the same weekend as the first British 1-2-3 on an F1 grid in over half a century.

"Sean Waltman" = 123 (Ordinal)

"Bowman" = 1023 (Latin)

Bubba Wallace was 11230 days old for the race:

Shane van Gisbergen

Immediately after the incident that wrecked Bubba Wallace, Saturday’s winner Shane van Gisbergen was clipped and crashed into the wall, ending his day.

America just turned 248 years old:

Shane Robert van Gisbergen = 248 and 373

Van Gisbergen’s win in Chicago was 373 months (or 11,373 days) after the 1-2-3 Kid’s upset win:

Alex Bowman’s win snapped a drought that lasted 80 races.

"Shane van Gisbergen" = 80 (Reduction)

Alex Bowman was born 1447 days after Shane Robert van Gisbergen:

"Shane Robert van Gisbergen" = 1447 (Latin)

Alex Bowman was born 1447 days after Shane Robert van Gisbergen:

That might be a coincidence, but see my post explaining why it may not be.

The Moon

Alex Bowman and Scott Hall both = 110, 38, and 52

Bowman was born 2 months, 18 days before Waltman’s birthday:

Alex Bowman and Scott Hall both = 218 Caps Mixed

The word Moon sums to 218 in Hebrew Gematria:

Bowman’s win was 90 days after the Great American Eclipse:

Waltman was born exactly 57 Mercurial orbits after Hall:

"Wallace" = 57 (Ordinal)

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