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Lewis Hamilton Wins 104th Race and First Since 2021

Hamilton beats Verstappen to first win since 2021 with record-breaking 9th British Grand Prix victory

This is Part Three of a five-part series on a significant John Madden riddle in the world of racing and pro wrestling from this past weekend.

It was the home Grand Prix for British teammates George Russell and Lewis Hamilton this weekend. Although Russell picked up pole position during yesterday’s Qualifying, it was Hamilton who came out on top during the race.

Last night, I made this post which explained how Russell’s pole win was a riddle connected to famous NFL head coach and commentator John Madden. It happened on the same date as a mass shooting in Florence, Kentucky, which used to be called Maddentown. The name Lewis Hamilton has matching 61 and 74 gematria.

Lewis Hamilton and John Earl Madden both = 61 and 74

Hamilton was exactly 528 Sidereal months old when he returned to the top step:

"John Madden" = 528 (Sumerian)

Hamilton’s victory was his first victory December of 2021 – the same month John Madden died.

Madden died 23 days after Lewis’s last win:

"Madden" = 23 (Reduction)

John Madden was on the cover of EA’s Madden ’23 video game:

That’s another John – John Cena – on the cover of WWE 2K23.

"Cena" = 23 (Ordinal)

(4) + (23) + (19) + (77) = 123

On Saturday night, July 6th, John Cena announced his retirement from in-ring competition:

His final match will be at WrestleMania 41.

Cena’s announcement was made exactly 41 weeks before WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas:

"Las Vegas" = 41 (Single Reduction)

"Madden" = 41 (Ordinal)

Madden was born on April 10th, the date written 4/10 or 10/4:

"Madden" = 104 (Standard)

Madden died a span of 104 days before his 10/4 birthday:

Although George Russell won pole position, it was his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton who picked up his first win since before Madden died, which was the 104th of his career:

It was the first race of July.

"July" = 1040 (Standard)

One hundred fourth = 88 and 880, One hundred and four = 88

Lewis won his 104th Grand Prix 88 years, 88 days after John Madden was born:

John Madden = 88, John Earl Madden = 888, Las Vegas Raiders = 88

This same weekend, NASCAR returned to the city of Chicago, a city that sits on the 88th meridian:

Chicago Street Course and Chicago Street Race both = 88

The word Retire sums to 75.

"Retire" = 75 (Ordinal)

This was the 75th British Grand Prix
It’s the 75th season of Formula One

Street and Street course both = 75

"Grant" = 75 (Reverse)

Hamilton’s teammate Russell had to Retire from the race due to a problem with his Water system.

Retire = 279 and Water system = 1801

The 279th Prime number is 1801

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