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Former Train Bassist Charlie Colin Dies in Brussels @ 57

Train bassist Charlie Colin dead at 58 after slipping and falling in the shower Colin was a founding member of the rock band, Train

This is my first of two posts on this story:

FOX News isn’t the only mainstream outlet reporting that Charlie Colin was 58 years old when he suddenly died while House-sitting for a friend. However, one quick glance at his date of birth from any source I could find shows that he wouldn’t have actually turned 58 until November, as he was born in 1966:

"House sitting" = 58 (Reduction)

Why the mistake? This post will also discuss the connections to the ongoing Tower riddle.

Solomons Temple, Second Temple, Herods Temple, Third Temple, Jerusalem, and Twin Towers all = 58

The Twin Towers were destroyed on September 11th. On the Roman calendar, September was the 7th month as SepSeven. Therefore, September 11th used to be written as 7/11.

Charlie Colin died at the age of exactly 711 Lunar phases:

Colin died in Brussels, Belgium, while taking a shower. Some people go to a Spa to freshen up. Later this year, Formula One goes racing in Belgium at Spa for the annual Grand Prix held at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, which has gematria syncing up with Train bassist Charlie Colin.

Circuit de Spa Francorchamps = 119 and 1016

"Train bassist Charlie Colin" = 1160 (Standard)

911 is the 156th Prime number

Train bassist Charlie Colin and Prince Rogers Nelson both = 150 in Sumerian

In my video from earlier today, I pointed out how there is a massive riddle for the NBA Finals connected to Prince. Rest assured, as you will indeed be convinced that the “Purple Rain” artist has been attributed yet again.

"Prince" = 197 (Latin)

The Train bassist was also born 197 days before Prince’s birthday:

Charlie Colin was born on November 22nd. On that same date exactly three years earlier, U.S. President John F. Kennedy became the most recent sitting president to be assassinated.

Charlie Colin was born a span of 1097 days after the assassination of JFK:

It was JFK’s vision that ultimately got America to successfully send a man to the Moon (if you believe it).

"Moon" = 197 (Satanic)

The Bassist died exactly 100 Lunations after Prince Rogers Nelson:

Prince Rogers Nelson and Bassist both = 100

Ever since January of 1923, each New Moon has been counted using the Brown Lunation number.

John F. Kennedy was born during Brown Lunation number -69:

The only Astrological sign ruled by the Moon is Cancer, whose symbol is a sideways 69:

Charlie Colin died while he was reportedly house-sitting in Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels = 690 Sumerian, Belgium = 69 Ordinal

News of his death broke exactly 690 months after he was born:

Train bassist Charlie Colin dead at 58 after slipping and falling in the shower Colin was a founding member of the rock band, Train

Wisconsin became a state in the year 1848:

Charlie Colin was 18048 days old when Prince died:

Prince died of a Fentanyl overdose in a suburb of Minneapolis, which sits just off of the Wisconsin border. The primary dialing code there is 612:

Train bassist and Fentanyl = 612 Latin, The Tower = 612 Reverse Sumerian

I also noticed that Charlie Colin died at a span of 143 days younger than Prince, exactly 1430 Sidereal months after JFK was born.

“Train” Killing

In the early oughts, or 2000’s, or whatever you call that decade, Charlie Colin was part of the band Train, who was best-known for their hit single Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me), which won a Grammy for Song of the Year. Colin’s birthday of November 22nd marks the beginning of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

In February of last year, there was a major Train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. See my post from shortly after it happened.

The incident fell 73 days after Charlie’s birthday:

Train = 73 and 230

It derailed on 2/3/23

May 17th was a span of exactly 1 year, 15 weeks after the Train derailment:

Killing = 115 Reverse and 115 Latin

He died in Brussels.

Brussels = 101 and 115

Prince was 101 months, 15 days old when Charlie Colin was born:

At the end of July, Formula One will hold its 1115th Grand Prix in Belgium:

"Train bassist Charlie Colin dead at 58 after slipping and falling in the shower" = 1115 (Reverse)

Prince and The Tower

Prince died on April 21st, or 4/21:

Charlie Colin died 421 weeks (or 97 months) after the Death of Prince:

Death, Prince, and Fentanyl all = 97

"Prince" = 390 (Sumerian)

The Tower and Sixteen both = 39 Reverse Reduction

Charlie Colin was born on the date leaving 39 days in the year:

May 17th was 39 days after the Eclipse:

"Eclipse" = 39 (Reverse Reduction)

"Belgium" = 39 (Reverse Reduction)

Charlie Colin was born 3090 days after Prince and 3009 weeks before the Grand Prix in Belgium:

He was born 168 days after Prince’s birthday, and would have been 21068 days old for the race.

"The Tower" = 1068 (Standard)

Prince, who had Multiplicative birth numerology of 1680, reportedly died at his home in Chanhassen:6 × 7 × 5 × 8 = 1680

"Chanhassen" = 1068 (Reverse Sumerian)

Drops of Jupiter (album) came out 168 days before 9/11:

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