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The Mandatory “Skull and Bones” Decode for Vontae Davis

Vontae Davis, two-time NFL Pro Bowler, dead at 35 Davis retired in the middle of a game while with the Bills

This is my second of two posts on the death of NFL Pro Bowler Vontae Davis.

Skull and Bones

In November of last year, I made this series of posts on the death of former Colts player Matt Ulrich, who won a Super Bowl with the team in the mid-2000’s.

Vontae Davis died a span of 149 days after Matt Ulrich:

"Skull and Bones" = 149 (Ordinal)

Yale Skull and Bones sums to 192. It’s the Second Eclipse that passes over the home of the Indianapolis Colts.

"Yale Skull and Bones" = 192 (Ordinal)

Second and Eclipse both = 192 Latin

Indianapolis Eclipse and Indianapolis Colts both = 192 Ordinal

The NFL was founded in 1920

The father of American football was Walter Chauncey Camp, a graduate of Yale and a member of the Skull and Bones fraternity.

"Walter Chauncey Camp" = 192 (Ordinal)

Vontae was born on May 27th, or 5/27, similar to the Latin gematria of Skull & Bones:

In Latin, Skull & Bones = 527 and Skull and Bones =572

Vontae was 7,572 days old for his scouting combine in Indianapolis:

His final day had Primary numerology of 13 and 49:4 + 1 + 2+0+2+4 = 13 and (4) + (1) + (20) + (24) = 49

Skull & Bones = 130 and 49

223 / 322

Davis’s career came to an abrupt end during halftime of only his second game with his new team, the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bill would currently be 2137 months of age:

2137 is the 322nd Prime number

Davis died a span of 2 months, 23 days after the date Buffalo Bill passed away in 1917:

Yale turned 322 years old in 2023:

Vontae died 175 days after Yale’s special anniversary:

"Indianapolis Indiana" = 175 (Ordinal)

223 and 322 both sum to 295, like Skull and Bones society.

Two hundred twenty three, Three hundred twenty two, Skull and Bones society, and Skull And Bones all = 295

"Skull and crossbones" = 61 (Reduction)

Vernon Davis was 2095 weeks old and 61 days after his birthday:

Vontae Davis died at 1870 weeks of age:

The brothers were both born in Washington, D.C.

"Washington DC" = 187 (Reverse)

Skull and Bones is also known as the Brotherhood of Death.

"Brotherhood of Death" = 187 (Ordinal)

187 is known as the Homicide code:

The Eclipses are separated by 82 lunar phases. Yale’s 322nd anniversary was exactly 82 sidereal months after the first one.

"Total eclipse" = 187 (Reverse)

Lucas Oil Stadium opened 187 months before the Total eclipse that passes over it:

That opening date was the same date as a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

“Yale University”

The Indianapolis Colts were originally founded on January 23rd, the date written 1/23:

"Indianapolis" = 123 (Ordinal)

Vontae Davis and Yale University both = 1230

Buffalo Bills has matching 426 gematria with Yale.

Buffalo Bills and Yale both = 426 Latin

Yale sums to 43 while Yale University equals 2059.

Yale = 43 Ordinal and Yale University = 2059 Latin

Vontae’s final game with the Bills was on a date with Standard numerology of 43, which was also the 259th day of the year (leaving 106 on the calendar):(9) + (16) + (18) = 43

In Reduction, Two hundred twenty three and Three hundred twenty two both = 106, Yale = 16

"Davis" = 106 (Reverse Caps Added)

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