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Former Colts Player Matt Ulrich, Super Bowl 41 Winner, Dies @ 41

Super Bowl champ Matt Ulrich dead at 41

This is my first of three posts on this news from yesterday.

Super Bowl 41 / Prince

Matt Ulrich was a part of the Indianapolis Colts team that won Super Bowl 41 in February of 2007. I find it funny that this articles does not mention “Super Bowl 41,” instead referring to it as the “championship for the 2006 season.” Perhaps they’d rather not have people notice that the number is the same as his age at passing, 41.

"Super Bowl" = 41 (Reduction)

Super Bowl 41 had one of the most memorable halftime shows ever, as Prince strummed Purple Rain shortly after Rain began to fall. He would go on to die on a date with Standard numerology of 41:(4) + (21) + (16) = 41

The former Indianapolis lineman was born on December 30th, or 12/30, a date with Primary numerology of 123:(12) + (30) + (81) = 123

"Indianapolis" = 123 (Ordinal)

In my next post, you’ll see how the death of Matt Ulrich connects to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, whoas born in Denmark.

"Denmark" = 123 (Reverse)

After performing the halftime show for Super Bowl XLI, Prince reportedly met Death from a Fentanyl overdose.

XLI, Prince, Death, and Fentanyl all = 123 Caps Added

The Moon is 2160 miles in diameter, and Prince died in 2016. Matt Ulrich died a span of 216 days before Prince’s birthday and 216 days after Heath Ledger’s. Metallica just released their first new record since 2016 in April called 72 Seasons.

Prince was 8607 days older than Matt Ulrich and was exactly 867 Sidereal months old when 72 Seasons came out:

Moon = 57
Prince allegedly died at the age of 57

Matt Ulrich has gematria of 64.

"Matt Ulrich" = 64 (Reverse Reduction)

Death and Kill both = 64

The 64th Prime number is 311

Prince would have also been 64 years, 311 days old for the album’s release:

The MVP of Super Bowl XLI was quarterback Peyton ManningMatt Ulrich was born a span of 301 weeks, 1 day after Peyton, and died a span of 311 days after his own birthday:

Matt founded a company called DexaFit. The number in the name of the album, 72 Seasons, is found all over.

Prince Nelson = 72, Manning = 72 and 702, Dexa Fit and Eclipse both = 720

Thirty-nine (39)

Prince sums to 390 in Sumerian (Ordinal × 6).

"Prince" = 390 (Sumerian)

Masonry, Eclipse, and DexaFit all = 39

Matt Ulrich passed away on the 309th day of the year, which was also a date with Standard numerology of 39:(11) + (5) + (23) = 39

The 39th Prime number is 167

Ulrich was 9,167 days old when he won the Super Bowl:

Metallica, Peyton Manning, and Manning all = 167

72 Seasons was released a span of 16 years, 70 days after Super Bowl XLI:

Prince was 6500 days old when Peyton Manning was born and would have been 65 years old when Matt Ulrich died:

"Prince" = 65 (Ordinal)

The 65th Prime number is 313

News of his death fell 155 days after Prince’s birthday:

“Death” Coding

In Satanic, Ritual human sacrifice = 911 and Blood sacrifice = 611

Lars Ulrich was 19110 days old when Prince died, or a span of 118 days after his birthday:

Forty one and Prince Rogers Nelson both = 118

Matt’s Death did not make the news until November 8th, or 11/8.

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

Prince, Death, and Fentanyl all = 38 and 97

Prince was 2028 days older than Lars:

Death = 228 Sumerian and 218 Standard

Matt Ulrich was a span of 2108 days younger than Peyton Manning:

The word Moon sums to 218 in Hebrew Gematria:

More on Lars Ulrich and the Eclipse code:

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