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Former US Senator and VP Candidate Joe Lieberman Dies @ 82

This is my first of two posts on the departure of former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

Key Bridge Collapse

Yesterday, I made this video on the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, which was synced to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963.

"Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse" = 1963 (Standard)

Joe Leiberman died 334 days before his birthday:

Francis Scott Key Bridge and John Fitzgerald Kennedy both = 334 Reverse

America’s first Jewish candidate for vice president died on a date with Primary numerology of 74 and 38:(3) + (27) + (20) + (24) = 74 and (3) + (27) + 2+0+2+4 = 38

Jewish and Masonic both = 74 and 38

The crux of that riddle was the numerology of Freemasonry, The Society of Jesus, and Skull and Bones society.

Lieberman was born on 2/24

Lieberman was born 224 years, 245 days after the founding of Freemasonry:

In Ordinal, The Society of Jesus = 224 and Skull and Bones society = 245

The name Joe Lieberman matches Freemason, The Society of Jesusand Skull and Bones.

Joe Lieberman = 307, 71, and 894, Freemason = 307, The Society of Jesus = 71, and Skull and Bones = 894

Skull and Bones – 223 / 322

Joseph Isadore Lieberman was born in Stamford, Connecticut.

"Joseph Isadore Lieberman" = 223 (Ordinal)

"Stamford Connecticut" = 223 (Ordinal)

Francis Scott Key wrote The Star-Spangled Banner, which later became the national anthem.

"The Star Spangled Banner" = 223 (Ordinal)

The Masonic fraternity Skull and Bones (Order 322), which uses the Skull and Crossbones = 223, is headquartered at Yale University, which turned 223 years old in 322:

The numbers 223 and 322 both have 106 gematria in Reduction, like Yale.

Two hundred twenty three and Three hundred twenty two both = 106 Reduction, Yale = 16 Reduction

The former senator died a span of 1 year, 6 days (or 371 days) after 3/22/2023:

Joseph Isadore Lieberman = 106 and 371

Lieberman died a span of 1 week, 6 days before the Second Eclipse:

Lieberman, Second, and Eclipse all = 192 Latin

Yale is located in Connecticut.

"Connecticut" = 170 (Reverse)

Lieberman died 170 days after Yale’s special anniversary:

Kill = 17, Sacrifice = 170, Ritual sacrifice = 107, Ritual human sacrifice = 1700

"Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse" = 170 (Reverse Reduction)

Joe Biden

Joseph Robinette Biden shares base gematria with Joe Lieberman.

Joseph Robinette Biden = 215 and 109, Joe Lieberman = 215 and 109

"Lieberman" = 327 (Reverse Caps Mixed)

Lieberman died on 3/27

Joe Lieberman died 3 years, 2 months, 7 days (or exactly 166 weeks) after Joe Biden took office:

Secret society and Crucifixion both = 166

Wycheck would have been a span of 166 days after his birthday:

Why Frank Wycheck? Just like Lieberman, Wycheck died after slipping and falling. If you saw my video on his passing, you may recall how it was connected to the death of Bob Saget, who also died after falling and hitting his head.

Bob19 died on 1/9

Joe Lieberman died 109 days after Frank Wycheck:

"Joe Lieberman" = 109 (Ordinal)

Joe lost his White House bid 109 days before his birthday:

Connecticut was admitted to the Union on January 9th, or 1/09:

Joe Lieberman was 1009 Synodic months old on 10/09:

Yale was founded in New Haven on the date 10/09 in the year 1701:

Including the end date, Joe died 171 days after Yale’s anniversary:

The 171st Prime number is 1019

"New Haven" = 1019 (Standard)

I’ve been talking a lot about the significance of the number 82 with Yale.

The first Great American Eclipse was exactly 82 Lunar orbits before Yale’s big anniversary and 82 Lunar phases before the second Eclipse:

2 82‘s? Yale was established on the 282nd day of the year:Evans died 20082 days after One Life to Live debuted:

"The Brotherhood of Death" = 2082 (Reverse Sumerian)

Lieberman died at the age of 82. But he wasn’t just 82 years old…

He was 29982 days of age when he passed away:

Read more on the riddle connecting this to the Society of Jesus:

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