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The Disappearance of 3-Year-Old Elijah Vue

Missing 3-year-old: Blanket found is Elijah's, police confirms The blanket was found 3.7 miles from where Elijah was reported missing on February 20, 2024.

If you live in Wisconsin and aren’t a complete hermit, you’ve almost certainly seen this ongoing news story regarding missing three-year-old Elijah Vue, who disappeared while in the custody of his father on February 20th.

To this point, I’ve avoided checking any numerology, but today’s development regarding Elijah’s recovered Blanket forced my hand.

Blanket = 65 and 20

The date of the update had Primary numerology of 65 and 20:(3) + (18) + (20) + (24) = 65 and 3 + 1+8 + 2+0+2+4 = 20

JFK / Eclipse Code / Wisconsin

So what’s going on here? This entire thing is a major riddle to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the two Great American Eclipses over the United States:

Elijah Vue
A lot of people will View next month’s Eclipse

Eclipse, Eclipse of the Sun, and Eclipse the Sun all = 69

Elijah Vue disappeared 60 years, 90 days after JFK was killed:

JFK was born exactly 69 years after Wisconsin’s statehood:

John F. Kennedy was born during Brown Lunation number -69:

The search began a span of exactly 78 months after the first Great American Eclipse:

"Kennedy" = 78 (Ordinal)

The Disappearance of Elijah Vue occurred a span of 22006 days after Kennedy was killed in 1963:

Disappearance of Elijah Vue = 226 Ordinal and 1963 Latin

Young Elijah went missing in the city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

"Two Rivers" = 149 (Ordinal)

Wisconsin’s admission to the union and JFK’s birth both happened on the 149th day of the year:

John Kennedy and Wisconsin both have the same value in Ordinal.

John Kennedy and Wisconsin both = 125 Ordinal

That first Eclipse fell on the 233rd day of the year:

"John Fitzgerald Kennedy" = 233 (Ordinal)

233 is the 51st Prime number

Elijah Vue went missing while in the custody of Jesse Vang on the 51st day of the year:

Elijah Vue and Jesse Vang both = 51 Reverse Reduction

"John Kennedy" = 510 (Satanic)

Kennedy’s birthday falls 51 days after the second Eclipse:

Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy is the middle name of disgraced WWE chairman Vince McMahon, who recently stepped down from the company. See my recent post about how the recent sex trafficking allegations against McMahon are a major 666 riddle connected to the JFK assassination.

Former WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy, whose real name is Ken Anderson, graduated from high school in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and began his wrestling career under then name “Two Rivers Jack”.

Ken Anderson was born a span of 6666 weeks, 6 days after Wisconsin became a state:

"Kennedy" = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)

Learn how the number 666 is heavily-connected to the Eclipse code.

666 is 3 6‘s
666 is the 36th Triangular number
Anderson was born on 3/6 or 6/3
JFK was killed in ’63

That’s 3 6‘s…JFKwasborn 3600 weeks after Wisconsin became a state and 3066 weeks before Anderson was born:

Anderson = 36 and 360, Elijah = 36 and 63

In the alphabetic order, Ken Anderson sums to 120.

"Ken Anderson" = 120 (Ordinal)

Vue vanished a span of 1 month, 20 days before the Eclipse:

"Eclipse" = 120 (Reverse)

That date was 3 months, 9 days before JFK’s birthday and Wisconsin’s anniversary:

Elijah Vue and Eclipse both = 39

“Total Solar Eclipse”

Eclipse has Reduction gematria of 33.

"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction)

Vue and Kennedy both = 33

Mr. Kennedy will be 48 years, 33 days old for the second Eclipse:

Next month’s Eclipse falls on 4/8

Vue disappeared 48 days before the Eclipse on 4/8:

"Vue" = 48 (Ordinal)

"Jesse Vang" = 48 (Single Reduction)

"Ken Anderson" = 48 (Reduction)

The JFK assassination was 4488 days before Ken Anderson:

Elijah disappeared a span of 2 weeks, 2 days before Anderson’s 48th birthday:

Anderson has Reduced birth numerology of 22:3 + 6 + 7+6 = 22

In WWE and TNA, he was billed as being from Green Bay, Wisconsin, which has matching 202 gematria with Total solar eclipse.

Total solar eclipse and Green Bay Wisconsin both = 202 Ordinal

Elijah Vue was born in 2020
He went missing on 20/2

Elijah Vue and Jesse Vang both = 202

JFK was born a span of 25,202 days after Wisconsin’s admission:

John Kennedy would have been 1202 months old for the first Great American Eclipse:

"John Kennedy" = 1202 (Latin)

The mass shooting at a brewery in Milwaukee happened during Brown Lunation # 1202.

The 202nd Prime number is 1231

"Wisconsin" = 1231 (Latin)

More “Kennedy” Syncs

Anderson was born exactly 12 Lunar years, 8 months after John F. Kennedy was shot:

"John F Kennedy" = 1208 (Latin)

The boy went missing 1280 months after Kennedy was born:

Elijah Vue was supposed to reunite with his mother in Wisconsin Dells.

"Wisconsin Dells" = 177 (Ordinal)

"Ken Anderson" = 177 (Reverse)

John F. Kennedy died 177 days after his birthday:

"Eclipse of the Sun" = 177 (Ordinal)

Total solar eclipse has 104 gematria.

"Total solar eclipse" = 104 (Reverse Reduction)

The man who went by Mr. Kennedy in the WWE was born on a date with Primary numerology of 104:(3) + (6) + (19) + (76) = 104

"Kennedy" = 104 (Capitals Added)

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