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Marathon Record Holder Kelvin Kiptum Dies @ 24

Kenya: Four ‘strangers’ arrested as police probe marathon runner Kelvin Kiptum’s death

This is my first of two posts on this tragedy.

Kelvin Kiptum died 71 days after his birthday:

"Kelvin Kiptum" = 71 (Reverse Reduction)

"Car crash" = 71 (Ordinal)

See my post from October 2023 on Kiptum’s world record:

Kelvin Kiptum has now passed away on February 11th, the same date as the NFL’s Super Bowl. Three days before Kiptum won the Chicago Marathon, a legend of the NFL’s Chicago Bears, Dick Butkus passed away on a Thursday. His death happened the same day the Bears played on Thursday Night Football.

Dick Butkus = 149 and 31, Skull and Bones = 149 and 31

Skull and Bones / South Park

A significant portion of my original post focused on a Skull and Bones riddle with Kelvin Kiptum, who as a marathon runner is mainly Skin and Bones. I expanded on this idea in Super Stream 61. Perhaps this makes it a bit less surprising that Kiptum has now met an early demise.

Kiptum died on February 11th, which was not only the day of the Super Bowl, but also the date Africa’s biggest football competition – the final of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

"Africa Cup of Nations" = 295 (Reverse)

Kelvin died 295 days before his next birthday:

He was exactly 295 Lunar phases old when he set the World Record:

Two hundred twenty three, Three hundred twenty two, Skull and Bones society, and Skull And Bones all = 295

He broke the World Record just one day before Yale’s special 322nd anniversary:

Dick Butkus’s middle name was Marvin:

The first season of the famous cartoon South Park featured an episode called Starvin Marvin, which was about a young African boy who was accidentally shipped to the main characters in Colorado:

Starvin’ Marvin was the first solo writing credit for South Park producer Trey Parker.

Trey Parker was born 322 months after Dick Butkus:

Kelvin Kiptum was born 322 days before Trey Parker’s birthday:

Kiptum broke the record on the same date as the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. It was October 8th, the date that leaves 84 days in the year:

"Chicago Fire" = 84 (Ordinal)

Kelvin’s car crash was 84 days (or 2 months, 23 days) after the Nov. 19th air date:

"Starvin Marvin" = 223 (Reverse Caps Added)

Starvin’ Marvin’s only other appearance in the show’s history was just fifteen days before Kelvin was born.

"South Park" = 129 (Ordinal)

Kelvin Kiptum passed away 129 days after Dick Butkus:

Butkus was born on December 9th, or 12/9:

February 11th was a span of 1 month, 29 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

The 2024 Eclipse happens a span of 129 days after Kiptum’s birthday:

Just five days before he died, his record time was verified by World Athletics.

World Athletics was established during Brown Lunation -129:

“Starvin’ Marvin”

Starvin’ Marvin was Season 1, Episode 8

"Starvin Marvin" = 180 (Ordinal)

This is an important number to Chicago, whose Cubs won the World Series after a 108-year drought. The Willis Tower is 108 stories tall.

The Chicago Marathon was on 10/8
The Chicago Fire was on 10/8

Kiptum had his accident 18 weeks, 0 days after breaking the record:

"Skin Bones" = 108 (Ordinal)

"Marathon world record" = 108 (Reverse Reduction)

"Kelvin Kiptum" = 213 (Reverse Caps Added)

Kelvin Kiptum was born 2 years, 13 days after the Starvin’ Marvin episode of South Park:

Chicago Fire and Great Chicago Fire both = 213

"Death" = 213 (Satanic)

The new record was made 152 years after the Chicago Fire:

In Reverse, Marathon = 152 Caps and 126 Ordinal

Kiptum died 152 years, 126 days after the Great Chicago Fire:

"Starvin Marvin" = 1026 (Reverse Sumerian)

Starvin’ Marvin aired 126 years after the Chicago Fire:

Chicago Marathon sums to 188 with Capital letters, whereas Starvin’ Marvin sums to 1880 in Latin gematria. This was a number I mentioned in my original post.

Chicago Marathon and World record both = 188 Caps Added

Starvin Marvin = 1880 and 232

Kiptum broke the record exactly 1880 Lunations (or 2032 Sidereal months) after the Chicago Fire:

"Richard Marvin Butkus" = 232 (Ordinal)

October 8th was the same date that Israel declared war on Hamas, its largest military conflict since the Yom Kippur War.

"Yom Kippur War" = 1880 (Latin)

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