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2021 Death of Former Pro Wrestler Barry Orton

Last week, I made a pair of posts about WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt and how his August 2023 death from complications of COVID-19 was synced up to Kobe Bryant, the Royal Rumble, and Trump’s pandemic declaration in the United States.

If you read those posts, you’ll see that the number 33 was very significant to that riddle. I had even missed that Bray Wyatt’s final match, at the Royal Rumble, was a span of 3 years, 3 days after Kobe Bryant died on the same date as the 33rd Royal Rumble.

As it turns out, however, there’s another death in the world of pro wrestling that’s part of this riddle. At the 33rd edition of WrestleMania, Bray Wyatt wrestled Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, which Wyatt had just captured for the first time a month earlier.

In this match, Orton pinned Wyatt to win his 13th WWE Championship. The pairing of the numbers 13 and 33 are very symbolic, and Bray had his own World Title riddle with these numbers, as you will see below.

But did you know that Randy Orton is not the first Randy Orton to wrestle in WWE? Most fans know that Randy is the son of pro wrestler Bob Orton Jr., but far fewer know that Randy Orton also had an uncle named Barry Orton, whose real name was actually Randal Orton, just like his nephew. Consider how these names have the same letters.


"Bray" = 62 (Reverse)

In 2021, Barry Orton passed away at the age of 62. I’m unable to find any cause of death, and it’s never been made public if he was suffering from any serious ailments. The thing Barry was probably best known for was actually his accusation that sexual harassment at WWE (WWF at the time) was rampant amongst executives (imagine that).

Given that Barry shares a real name with Bray Wyatt’s opponent at WrestleMania 33, it felt like there must be a strong connection to the deaths of Kobe and Bray.

Bray Wyatt died 888 days after Barry Orton:

Kobe’s death occurred on the same day as the Royal Rumble.

"Royal Rumble" = 888 (Latin)

Kobe Bryant died 888 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

Randal Berry Orton has Latin gematria of 1033, syncing up with Coronavirus, which is said to have claimed Windham’s life.

In Latin, Randal Berry Orton = 1033 and Coronavirus = 1303

Randy Orton / Eclipse Code

Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida.

Randy Orton and Orlando Florida both = 144 Ordinal

Randy Orton was born 144 days before Kobe’s birthday:

In Reverse, Randy & Berry also sums to 144.

"Randy Barry" = 144 (Reverse)

As I detailed at great length to start this video, Kobe’s death was a major Mercury ritual.

"Mercury" = 798 (Latin)

Barry and Randy Orton were born a span of 7980 days apart:

Orlando has matching 79 Ordinal gematria with Murder.

Orlando and Murder both = 79 Ordinal

Barry Orton was 7979 days old when Randy Orton was born:

"Orton" = 79 (Reverse Caps Added)

Orlando starts and ends with the letter O. The name Orton has two O‘s in it.

Orton wrestled under the name Barry O during his tenure in the WWF, where he made a shape of an O over his head. Perhaps this is symbolic of becoming an Eclipse sacrifice.

"Barry O" = 79 (Ordinal)

"Eclipse sacrifice" = 79 (Reduction)

Barry died between the two Great American Eclipses. See this video to learn how the numerology of Yale University is synced up to this code.

The two Great American Eclipses are 82 Lunar phases (or exactly 320 weeks) apart:

Orton = 82 Ordinal and 320 Latin

Orton died 30 months, 20 days before Yale’s anniversary and 3 years, 20 days before the 2024 Eclipse:

Thirteen and thirty three = 320 and 2137

Randy Orton was 2137 weeks old when his uncle Barry died:

2137 is the 322nd Prime number

Skull and Crossbones223. Eclipses from the same Saros series are separated by 223 Lunar phases. The Moon = 223 (Hebrew).

Yale University turned 322 years old in the year 2023, whose NFL season ends with a Super Bowl in Las Vegas – the same city that Barry died in.

223 is the Standard value of Las Vegas, Nevada in Hebrew:

223 and 322 both have gematria of 295, like Skull and Bones society.

Two hundred twenty three, Three hundred twenty two, Skull and Bones society, and Skull And Bones all = 295

Barry passed away 295 days after his birthday:

Thirty-three (33)

"Barry O" = 156 (Capitals Mixed)

Barry Orton was born exactly 1056 weeks before Kobe Bryant:

Thirty-three has gematria of 156 in the alphabetic order.

"Thirty three" = 156 (Ordinal)

Kobe’s helicopter crash was 156 days after his birthday:

WWE and World Wrestling Entertainment both = 156

In Reverse, Thirty-three sums to 141.

"Thirty three" = 141 (Reverse)

The first Great American Eclipse happened 141 days after WrestleMania 33:

"World Wrestling Entertainment" = 141 (Single Reduction)

Kobe died on the same day as the 33rd Royal Rumble.

"Kobe" = 33 (Ordinal)

Kobe was born a span of exactly 33 years after Vince McMahon:

Vincent and Kennedy both = 33 Reduction

Bray’s final match was a span of 3 years, 3 days after Kobe died:

Wyatt died exactly 3 years, 30 weeks after Kobe:

The day before Bray died was exactly 3 years, 3 months after his 33rd birthday:

Barry departed exactly 30 months, 3 weeks before Yale’s anniversary and 3 years, 3 weeks before the 2024 Eclipse:

"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction)

Thirteen (13) and Thirty-three (33)

Bray Wyatt’s first WWE Universal Championship reign was the 13th since the title was introduced.

"WWE Universal Championship" = 303 (Ordinal)

Randy Orton won his 13th World Championship at WrestleMania 33.

Kobe died 33 months, 3 weeks, 3 days (or a span of 1030 days) after WrestleMania 33:

3313 is the 466th Prime number

"Randal Orton" = 466 (Latin)

"Orlando Florida" = 466 (Reverse Caps Mixed)

Barry Orton died in the city of Las Vegas.

"Las Vegas" = 130 (Reverse)

"Human sacrifice" = 130 (Ordinal)

Kobe, who played his entire career in L.A., was born on the date leaving 130 days in the year:

"LA" = 13 (Ordinal)

"Total eclipse" = 130 (Latin Ordinal)

Drew McIntyre was the first WWE Superstar to enter at number 33 in the Royal Rumble. He did so at the 2011 event, which was Bray Wyatt’s first Rumble, when he was still wrestling under the ring name Husky Harris. McIntyre would then proceed to win the 33rd Royal Rumble on the night of Kobe’s fatal accident.

The 33rd Prime number is 137

Total eclipse = 137, Eclipse = 137

Bryant and Rotunda died a span of 1307 days apart:

Drew McIntyre’s reign was the 137th in WWE history

Barry died a span of 1307 days after the 2017 Eclipse, and 13070 days after McIntyre was born:

Drew was 11,623 days old for WrestleMania 33:

Eighty nine and Bryant both = 623 Latin

Wyatt was born exactly 8 years, 9 months after Kobe Bryant:

Wyatt and Harris both = 89

Wyatt died 89 days after Barry’s birthday:

"Kill" = 89 (Standard)

LA Knight

So Kobe died on the same day as the Royal Rumble. Bray Wyatt wrestled his final televised match at the Royal Rumble three years later against a wrestler named Shaun Ricker, or LA Knight, who is billed from Los Angeles – the same city that Kobe spent his entire NBA career in.

Ricker was born on a date with Primary numerology of 113:(11) + (1) + (19) + (82) = 113

Kobe Bryant = 113, 1130, and 41

The 13th Prime number is 41

Kobe was exactly 4 years, 10 weeks (or 1531 days) old when Ricker was born:

Kobe was 41 years (or 15131 days) old when he died:

"Bryant" = 82 (Reverse)

LA Knight was born in the year ’82

LA Knight and Orton both = 82

"Ritual sacrifice" = 82 (Single Reduction)

Kobe Bryant died a span of exactly 127 weeks after the 2017 Eclipse:

Bray Wyatt died a span of exactly 127 weeks after Barry Orton:

"Shaun Ricker" = 127 (Ordinal)

Ricker was born a span of exactly 135 weeks after Randy Orton:

Bray Wyatt and Kobe Bean Bryant both = 135 Ordinal

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