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Carl Weathers of “Apollo Creed” Fame Dies @ 76

'Rocky' star Carl Weathers dead at 76 He was also in movies like 'Predator' and 'Happy Gilmore'

News of a man named Weathers breaking on Groundhog Day…when the weather is supposed to forecast the rest of our winter?!

Apollo Creed

Actor Carl Weathers was likely best-known as the man who played Apollo Creed in the Rocky franchise. Apollo Creed was a black boxer based on Muhammad Ali, who is widely-regarded as the greatest boxer of all-time.

In 2015, the Rocky series was revived with a trilogy of films that focus on Apollo’s son Adonis as the main character. The actor who plays Adonis Creed is Michael B. Jordan, who uses his middle initial because he shares a name with Michael Jordan, widely-regarded as the greatest basketball player of all-time.

The acronym for Greatest of All-Time is G.O.A.T. Carl Weathers was born under the sign of Capricorn, which is symbolized by a Goat:

The astrological glyph for Capricorn resembles the number 76:

Weathers died at age 76
Rocky premiered in ’76

"Michael Jordan" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

“Lewis” Riddle

In October, I did a major decode on Muhammad Ali following a pair of mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine, where Ali famously fought Sonny Liston for the second time. On the same day that Carl Weathers died, Lewis Hamilton announced a new deal with Ferrari.

Weathers was 909 months old during the mass shootings in Lewiston:

Weathers = 99 and 909

Weathers died 99 days after the Lewiston shootings

Cassius Clay = 990 and Muhammad Ali = 66

There’s more remarkable 66 / 99 alignments below. But first, notice how Muhammad Ali has matching gematria with Six sixty-six.

Muhammad Ali and Six sixty six both = 201 and 96

See my posts from last week on the death of Martin Luther King Jr.’s youngest son Dexter, where I discussed the date February 1st, or 2/01, and its connection to 666.

Weathers died exactly 666 months after the Civil Rights Movement ended:

The Civil Rights movement sought to give every Citizen equal rights.

666 is 1+665

Apollo was the name of the spacecrafts NASA sent to the Moon.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration = 666 Reverse, Fake Moon landing = 666 Satanic, Apollo = 666 Fibonacci

Six hundred sixty-six has gematria of 2038 when spelled out, similar to the Moon’s average distance from Earth:"Six hundred sixty six" = 2038 (Latin)

Weathers and MBJ were born 2038 weeks apart:

Weathers also starred in the film Happy Gilmore. Bob Barker made a cameo in that movie – see my post from August 2023 on how Happy Gilmore was an extremely-coded riddle for the Moon landing.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The central figure of the Civil Rights movement was Martin Luther King Jr.

Michael B. Jordan is 1929 weeks old:

This was a number coded into George Floyd.

"George Perry Floyd" = 1929 (Standard)

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in 1929 on January 15th, or 1/15:

Apollo 11’s landing on the Moon was on a date with Primary numerology of 115:(7) + (20) + (19) + (69) = 115

"Michael B Jordan" = 115 (Ordinal)

Carl Weathers passed away 115 days after Yale’s special anniversary:

Skull and Bones society and Masonic both = 115 Reverse

The Lewiston mass shootings fell 115 days before Michael Jordan’s birthday:

Ali passed away 115 days after Michael B. Jordan’s birthday:

Killing has double gematria of 115, and also sums to 155 in Standard.

Killing = 115 Reverse and Latin, 155 Standard

"Michael Bakari Jordan" = 155 (Ordinal)

Weathers and MJ were born a span of exactly 15 years, 5 weeks apart:

66 / 99

Carl Weathers died 2799 days after Muhammad Ali:

Ali would have been 29866 days old for the Lewiston shootings and 29966 days old when Weathers died:

The 2024 Eclipse falls 2866 days after Muhammad Ali died and 66 days after today’s news:

Ali was 27166 days old when he died 19466 days after Michael Jordan’s birthday:

Michael Jordan was 22166 days old for the shootings and 22266 days old for today’s news:

More Alignments

Weathers died at 27777 days of age:

Carl would have been 77 years, 7 days old on Election Day, which falls 666 months after the first manned Apollo landing:

Carl Weathers was born 2,188 days after Muhammad Ali:

"Michael Jeffrey Jordan" = 188 (Ordinal)

Michael B Jordan = 313 Standard and 605 Satanic

313 is the 65th Prime number

MJ was a span of exactly 60 years, 50 weeks old when Weathers died:

Cassius Marcellus Clay = 65 and 605

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