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World Series Champ and Cy Young Winner Willie Hernandez Dies @ 69

Tigers MVP, World Series champion Willie Hernandez dead at 69 Hernandez won the MVP and Cy Young Award in 1984 championship season

Pitcher Willie Hernandez was just one of ten players to win both the Most Valuable Player and Cy Young Award in the same season, accomplishing the rare feat during the Detroit Tigers’ 1984 championship season, which ended with him getting the final out of the World Series.

"Nineteen Eighty Four" = 1109 (Latin)

Willie died 19 days after the end of the 119th World Series and 11 days after November ninth.

"November ninth" = 1109 (Latin)

Recall how this year’s Fall Classic was a tribute to 2001, the year of the 9/11 attacks.

Ritual human sacrifice = 911 Satanic, Ritual sacrifice = 1506 Reverse Sumerian, Human sacrifice = 156 Caps Added

911 is the 156th Prime number

Cy Young would currently be 156 years old:

Cy Young

Willie Hernandez won the Cy Young Award in 1984. Denton True “Cy” Young sums to 84 and 78.

Denton True Cy Young = 84 and 78

Willie Hernandez and the Tigers won the World Series on the date leaving 78 days in the year ’84:

Willie Hernandez and Tigers both = 84 and 78

It was the Tigers’ 84th season in MLB

Detroit won the game by a score of 8-4:

Cy Young would have been 110 years, 11 days old for Hernandez’s MLB debut:

Cy Young = 110 Ordinal and 1100 Latin

Cy Young died on November 4th, or 11/04, matching the Latin value of Guillermo Hernandez:

"Guillermo Hernandez" = 1104 (Latin)

Guillermo Hernández Villanueva was born 32006 days after Cy Young:

"Guillermo Hernandez Villanueva" = 326 (Ordinal)

This points us to the Eclipse code.

He died exactly 326 weeks after the first Great American Eclipse:

Eclipse, Eclipse of the Sun, and Eclipse the Sun all = 69

The Moon

"World Series" = 69 (Reverse Reduction)

World Series champion Willie Hernandez has died just 6 days after his 69th birthday.

"Willie Hernandez" = 690 (Satanic)

Cy Young was born during Brown Lunation # -690:

The number 69 is Lunar, as Cancer, whose symbol is a sideways 69, is the only sign on the Zodiac that is ruled by the Moon.

"Lunar" = 69 (Reverse)

Cy’s full and common names are both synced up with the Moon.

The word Moon sums to 218 in Hebrew Gematria:

Cy Young = 218, Denton True Young = 218 and 1321

1321 is the 216th Prime number

Cy Young died exactly one Lunar year after Willie Hernandez was born:

The 12th Prime number is 37

Hernandez was exactly 370 Lunar phases old when he sealed the title:

Prior to playing for Detroit, Hernandez spent seven seasons playing in Chicago.

Detroit and Chicago both = 37 Reduction

Detroit also has Reverse gematria of 98 and 44.

Detroit = 98 and 44 Reverse

Hernandez was born on a date with Primary numerology of 98 and 44:(11) + (14) + (19) + (54) = 98 and (11) + (14) + 1+9+5+4 = 44

Hernandez died a span of 95 days after the anniversary of his final MLB appearance:

Hernandez = 95 and 148

His Major League career lasted 148 months:

Hernandez died 148 days after George Orwell’s birthday:

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

George Orwell was the author of the famous book Nineteen Eighty-Four1984 was the year that Hernandez won the “Triple Crown” of baseball (MVP, Cy Young, and World Series).

Hernandez made his MLB debut 10168 days after 1984 was published, when he was 1168 weeks old:

1984 has 328 pages

Willie Hernandez made his Major League debut in Chicago, Illinois.

"Willie Hernandez" = 328 (Capitals Mixed)

"Chicago Illinois" = 328 (Latin)

Nineteen Eighty-Four was published 30022 days after Cy Young was born, and 1985 days before Willie Hernandez:

1985 is just one off from 1984

Rule of Colel = 124 Ordinal, Hernandez = 683 Latin

The 124th Prime number is 683

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