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Texas Rangers Defeat Arizona Diamondbacks in 119th World Series

This post is split into three parts.

This was the 119th World Series
It was played in 2023

The 119th Square number is the number of days in 2023 weeks

This might be one of the most obvious numeric rituals in sports since I started this Blog, which has been all about the number 119 and 911 this year. Unsurprisingly, Israel had its own “9/11” just as the MLB playoffs began.

"Rangers Diamondbacks" = 119 (Reverse Reduction)

Just after the 9/11 attacks in New York, the baseball team from New York was upset in the World Series by the Arizona Diamondbacks. This year, the Arizona Diamondbacks played the Texas Rangers, who used to be owned by George W. Bush, who was the president during 9/11.

September eleventh and World Trade Center both = 77

George W. Bush was 77 years, 119 days old when the Rangers won:

Bruce Bochy was born 9 months, 11 days after Bush’s birthday:

The pitcher who was on the mound when the Rangers clinched their title was Josh Sborz.

Josh Sborz was 10911 days old when he wrapped up the 119th World Series in 2023:

"Joshua Alan Sborz" = 707 (Satanic)

In 2001, the Diamondbacks were led to victory by manager Bob Brenly, who shares B.B. initials with this year’s winning manager, Bruce Bochy.

In 2001, the losing manager was Joe Torre. This year, the losing manager was named Torey Lovullo.

Bob Brenly / Bruce Bochy

Bochy is no stranger to World Series success, as he won three championships with the San Francisco Giants during the 2010’s. Apart from 48 games in his final season, Bob Brenly spent his entire playing career with the San Francisco Giants of the 1980’s.

Not only is 415 the primary dialing code in San Francisco

But 4/15 is also the city’s anniversary, which is just one day before Bochy’s birthday:

415 is the average of 413 and 417.

In Latin, San Francisco = 413 and San Francisco CA = 417

Bruce Bochy was born 415 days after Bob Brenly, or 1 month, 22 days after his first birthday:

San Francisco sits on the 122nd meridian:San Francisco = 122 Ordinal and is located on the 122nd meridian

Brenly was 199 days after his birthday on 9/11 and Bochy 119th World Series 199 days after his birthday:

This is the gematria that The Twin Towers shares with World Series, as well as former Yankees manager Joseph Paul Torre.

"The Twin Towers" = 199 (Ordinal)

"World Series" = 199 (Capitals Added)

"Joseph Paul Torre" = 199 (Ordinal)

Robert Earl Brenly, Bruce Douglas Bochy, Joseph Paul Torre, Rangers, and Bochy all = 82

Torre / Torey

Joseph Paul Torre sums to 80.

"Joseph Paul Torre" = 80 (Reverse Reduction)

Yankees is a Supermatch with Lovullo, including the number 80. Sborz80.

Yankees and Lovullo both = 109, 80, and 35

Torey Lovullo was born on the 206th day of the year, which had Standard numerology of 97:(7) + (25) + (65) = 97

"Joseph Paul Torre" = 206 (Reverse)

Joe Torre and Robert Earl Brenly both = 970 Latin

Joe Torre and Robert Earl Brenly squared off in the 97th edition of the World Series.

George W. Bush was born on the 187th day of the year:

The former New York Yankees coach was born on the 18th of July, or 18/7:

"New York Yankees" = 187 (Reverse)

Lovullo sums to both 1807 and 251.

Lovullo = 1807 Squares and 251 Reverse Standard

The World Series ended the same day famous Basketball coach Bob Knight passed away.

"Basketball" = 251 (Latin)

Torre was born exactly 25 years, 1 week before Torrey:

The Rangers won the World Series 22 years, 51 days after 9/11:

"Torey Lovullo" = 1965 (Standard)

Torey Lovullo was born in 1965 on the 25th of July, or 25/7:

Torey Lovullo was born 25 years, 7 days after Joe Torre:

257 is the 55th Prime number:

The 2001 World Series ended a span of 55 days after 9/11:

George W. Bush was 55 years old for the events of 2001:

The 2023 World Series concluded on a date with Primary numerology of 55:(11) + (1) + (20) + (23) = 55

"Sborz" = 55 (Reverse)

"Seager" = 55 (Ordinal)

Before Game 5, the national anthem by a member of Fifth Harmony, who even has 5 names. Read more on that:

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