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Death of Woodrow Wilson Synced to Yale University

In November of 2021, I made this post about the crowd crush at a Travis Scott concert while he was headlining his own music festival called Houston Astroworld that killed (at least) eight people. In that post, I explain how the riddle was connected to the 1913 Massacre, also known as the Italian Hall Disaster.

With everything I’ve learned in 2023 regarding the significance of the Skull and Bones coding we’ve been seeing, I thought to check back at the Astroworld tragedy to find if perhaps that event was connected to Yale University and its unique secret society. The existence of this post alone should answer whether or not it was.

What I didn’t expect, however, was how well this riddle also connects to Woodrow Wilson, who took office in 1913, the same year as the Italian Hall Disaster. Woody Guthrie, whose full name was Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, made a song about the human stampede several decades later.

The death of president Woodrow Wilson was connected to Yale University.

Wilson = 70, Woodrow Wilson = 205, 70, and 65, Yale University = 205 and 70, Yale = 65

His full name was Thomas Woodrow Wilson:

This means his initials were T.W., the 20th and 23rd letters (2023). In English Standard, Woodrow Wilson sums to 2023. The number 223 is highly-significant to Yale, which is home to the Skull and Bones secret society.

"Woodrow Wilson" = 2023 (Standard)

U.S. President Woodrow Wilson died 35 weeks, 5 days before Yale University turned 223 years old:

"US President Woodrow Wilson" = 355 (Ordinal)

Travis Scott / Astroworld

Travis Scott will be 32 years, 23 weeks old when Yale turns 322 in 2023:

The performer was born in Houston, where the 2021 Astroworld tragedy occurred.

Houston = 322 Caps and 223 Reverse Satanic

The crowd crush happened during the New Moon for Brown Lunation # 1,223:

The 1913 Massacre happened on Christmas Eve.

"Christmas Eve" = 1223 (Trigonal)

Yale’s sports mascot is a Bulldog.

"Bulldog" = 73 (Ordinal)

The Astroworld crowd crush went down 703 days before Yale’s special anniversary:

Sacrifice and Ritual sacrifice both = 73

Astro and Travis both = 73

The 73rd Prime number is 367

Travis Scott was a span of 30 years, 6 months, 7 days old:

"Houston" = 367 (Primes)

"New Haven CT" = 367 (Primes)

Location of Yale University

Sixty-six (66)

Travis’s real name is Jacques Bermon Webster II.

Jacques Bermon Webster II = 1666 Standard and 3999 Squares

Travis Scott was 366 months, 6 days old at Astroworld:

This means he was 6 months, 6 days after his birthday. In Satanic gematria, Woodrow Wilson sums to 660.

"Woodrow Wilson" = 660 (Satanic)

Woodrow was born 6 months, 6 days before Independence Day:

Wilson became president 66 days after his birthday:

3×22 = 66. Skull and Bones and Sixty-six both = 149, 41, and 59

"Sixty six" = 2318 (Standard)

This has the same digits as 1832, the year Skull and Bones was founded. This falls just one year after 1831:

1831 is the 282nd Prime number

Yale was founded on the 282nd day of the year:Evans died 20082 days after One Life to Live debuted:

This is just one off from the Ordinal gematria of Thomas Woodrow Wilson. Yale was founded by the Colony of Connecticut.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson and Colony of Connecticut both = 281

The Astroworld Tragedy happened 12801 weeks after the birth of the United States:

The digits 322 are also found in his Latin gematria.

"Thomas Woodrow Wilson" = 3422 (Latin)

“Ritual Sacrifice” Code

Woodrow was actually the middle name of president Thomas Wilson, who was born on the 28th of the month, was U.S. President number 28.

"Thomas Wilson" = 156 (Reverse)

"Twenty eight" = 156 (Ordinal)

The 156th Prime number is 911

Ritual human sacrifice = 911 Satanic, Ritual sacrifice = 1506 Reverse Sumerian, Human sacrifice = 156 Caps Added

Wilson was born 9 months, 11 days before the 156th anniversary of the founding of Yale University:

"Wilson" = 1109 (Latin)

"Brotherhood of Death" = 611 (Latin)

"Connecticut Colony" = 1116 (Latin)

"Blood sacrifice" = 611 (Satanic)

The Astroworld tragedy fell 1190 days after Astroworld was released:

"New Haven" = 1019 (Standard)

Wilson died when Yale was exactly 11600 weeks old (or 117 days after its anniversary):

President Woodrow Wilson = 117 in both Reduction methods

Skull and Bones is a Secret society.

"Secret society" = 166 (Ordinal)

The former president passed away 166 years before Yale turns 322:

The former president passed away 1066 days after leaving the White House:

Travis Scott = 166 Ordinal and 1606 Trigonal

"Connecticut Colony" = 211 (Ordinal)

Ritual human sacrifice = 211 and Killing = 211 Primes

Woodrow Wilson took office 211 years, 146 days after Yale’s establishment:

"Woodrow Wilson" = 146 (Reverse)

Italian Hall Disaster

A crowd crush resulting in the deaths of (at least) eight people occurred at a Travis Scott concert in November of 2021. He was headlining his own music festival called Houston Astroworld.

Houston Astroworld = 1913 in both Latin and Standard

Woodrow Wilson became the President in 1913. Later that same year, in 1913, a crowd crush occurred at a theater in Michigan, resulting in the deaths of dozens of mine workers.

1913 is the 293rd Prime number

The Astroworld crush was 29 months, 3 days before the Total Eclipse over Texas:

Before Travis took the stage, a bizarre graphic stating SEE YA ON THE OTHER SIDE was displayed.

"SEE YA ON THE OTHER SIDE" = 293 (Reverse)

Yale’s 322nd anniversary occurs while the United States is 247 years old.

Woodrow Wilson Guthrie = 293 and 247, US President Woodrow Wilson = 293, and Nineteen thirteen = 247

Yale = 426 Latin. Four hundred twenty six = 293 and 247

293 is the 62nd Prime number

Astroworld, Houston Texas, and Sacrifice all = 62 Reverse Reduction

Guthrie was born in a Muscogee city 528 days before the Italian Hall Disaster:

Guthrie and Muscogee both = 528

The numbers 223 and 322 both have Ordinal gematria of 295, like Skull And Bones with Caps.

Two hundred twenty three, Three hundred twenty two, and Skull And Bones all = 295

Astroworld was released a span of exactly 2905 months after Independence Day:

The Italian Hall Disaster occurred 295 days after Wilson took office:

"Stampede" = 295 (Latin)

The Italian Hall Disaster happened 137 years, 173 days (or exactly 7173 weeks) after Independence Day 1776:

In Reverse, Massacre = 137 and Yale University = 173

173 is the 40th Prime number

"Travis Scott" = 40 (Reduction)

Seventy-seven (77)

"Stampede" = 83 (Ordinal)

The Astroworld album was released on the 3rd of August, or 3/8/2018.

Death = 38 and 218

Moon = 38 and 218 Hebrew

Travis Scott = 218 Caps, Wilson, Guthrie, and Muscogee all = 38

The year 2018 has the same digits as the Latin gematria of New Haven, CT and 77.

"New Haven CT" = 1802 (Latin)

"Seventy seven" = 2180 (Latin)

Houston Astroworld, Houston, Travis Scott, Scott, and Italian Hall Disaster all = 77

The Italian Hall Disaster happened 77,507 days after Yale was founded, or 77 days after is anniversary. Woodrow Wilson left office 7 years, 70 days later:

Wilson was 770 months old on his last day as president:Wilson was 770 months old when he left office:

Wilson died a span of exactly 147 months 7 months, 1770 months, or 7700 weeks after Independence Day:

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