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Max Verstappen Wins Seventh Straight Race at Hungarian Grand Prix

F1 News: Lando Norris Smashed Max Verstappen's Hungarian GP Trophy In Hilarious Podium Mishap

Today’s Hungarian Grand Prix took place on the 204th day of the year:

"Hungarian Grand Prix" = 204 (Ordinal)

The race in Hungary fell 94 (or a span of 95) days after this year’s rare Hybrid Eclipse:

Hungary = 94 and 95, Hybrid = 94 and Eclipse = 95

"Saturn" = 95 (Reverse Caps Added)

Max Verstappen’s 44th Win

The race was won, unsurprisingly, by Max Verstappen, who is completely dominating the circuit this year. It was his 44th career win.

44 is 11×4

Max Emilian Verstappen = 114 and Solar eclipse = 1140

On the winner’s podium, second place finisher Lando Norris accidentally broke the trophy Max was given for his victory.

Norris was born 44 days (or 1 month, 14 days) after Verstappen’s birthday:

Max Verstappen also has matching gematria with 44.

"Max Verstappen" = 1044 (Sumerian) and "Forty four" = 144 (Ordinal)

144 is 12×12
144 is the 12th Fibonacci number

Including Max’s teammate Sergio Pérez, the Red Bull Powertrains team has now won record 12 straight Formula One races.

The 12th Prime number is 37

Today has a Life Lesson number of 37:(7) + (23) + 2+0+2+3 = 37


Today’s race marked Verstappen’s 174th career Formula One start:

"Max Verstappen" = 174 (Ordinal)

Today is the 23rd of July, or 23/7

"Max Emilian Verstappen" = 237 (Ordinal)

23/7 falls a span of 237 days before March 16th:

March 16th of 2027 marks Max Verstappen’s Saturn return. This is important because Saturn has very strong gematric overlap with Verstappen’s names.

Note particularly the value of 93.

Max turned 9300 days old on March 16th this year:

Max was born on September 30th, or 9/30. Curiously, some websites list his birthday as September 29th, which is the date that leaves 93 days in the year:

Today’s runner-up Norris also has Ordinal gematria of 93.

"Norris" = 93 (Ordinal)

The Grand Prix was Norris’s 93rd career start:

Thirty-three (33) / Eclipse Code

Lando Norris was born in 1999
1999 is the 303rd Prime number

Norris In Satanic gematria, Saturn has matching 303 gematria with Max Emilian Verstappen in Reverse.

"Max Emilian Verstappen" = 303 (Reverse)

Norris finished 33 seconds behind Verstappen:

"Formula 1" = 33 (Reduction)

"F1" = 33 (Capitals Added)

Max began his F1 career driving the #33 car for Red Bull, but changed to #1 last year.

Max and Red Bull both = 331 Latin

Today is exactly 1 year. 33 weeks after the last Total solar eclipse and 3 months, 3 days after this year’s Hybrid Eclipse:

Hybrid and Eclipse = 33, Sun = 330, The Sun = 33

Lando was 113 days before his 11/13 birthday.

Today is also exactly 3 months, 3 weeks before Norris’s birthday:

Sixty-nine (69)

"Norris" = 69 (Reverse)

In Reverse, Norris and Saturn sum to 69, a major Eclipse number.

Max Verstappen won the race at Hungaroring 69 days before his birthday:

Max Verstappen and Hungaroring both = 57 and 69

The Moon has a 57° range of declination:

This was Max’s 9th win in 11 races this season.

Total Eclipse sums to 911 in Greek Isopsephy:

Solar eclipse has matching gematria with Verstappen.

Solar eclipse and Verstappen both = 134 and 53

Today’s race had Standard date numerology of 53:(7) + (23) + (23) = 53

Earlier this week, we had a highly-significant Eclipse alignment on 17/7.

Max Verstappen and Eclipse of the Sun both = 177

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