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Father of Colts Safety Rodney Thomas II Admits to Shooting Bald Eagle

Colts safety's father identified as man who allegedly killed bald eagle with rifle

This is a story about the shooting of a Bald eagle, which is the national bird of America.

Bald eagle and America both = 49

The 49th Prime number is 227

Although this happened a couple of weeks ago, it was not published in the mainstream media until today, July 22nd. Today’s date can be written as either 22/7 or 7/22, which is gematria shared by Indianapolis, Colts, and United States of America.

Indianapolis = 227 Reverse Caps, Colts = 227 Primes, United States of America = 722 Primes

The Hebrew phrase for Total eclipse (Full eclipse) sums to 227 in Hebrew Gematria:

Indianapolis Colts also has immense overlap with Bald Eagle and America.

Rodney Thomas

The man who committed this cruel act is said to be the father of Indianapolis Colts’ safety Rodney Thomas II.

"Rodney Thomas II" = 203 (Reverse)

Today is the 203rd day of the year, which leaves 162 days on the calendar:

Eclipse Code

The name Thomas means “Twin”

We are in a period of time between the two Twin Eclipses over the United States:

Indianapolis and Colts both match Eclipse in gematria. The 69 also connects to today’s date of 22/7, because 22÷7 is the smallest equation you can use to get the first three digits of Pi.

Indianapolis and Colts both = 69

"Eclipse" = 69 (Ordinal)

"Pi" = 69 (Latin)

The phrase Bald eagle shooting has strong connections to familiar Eclipse numbers.

Eclipse = 156 Hebrew Standard, Eclipse the Sun = 156 English Ordinal

Bald eagle shooting = 156 and 303

"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction)

Great American Eclipses

The path of totality for the second Eclipse in 2024 passes many major American cities, including Indianapolis:

Second and Eclipse has matching 192 gematria with Indianapolis Colts.

Second and Eclipse both = 192 Latin

"Indianapolis Colts" = 192 (Ordinal)

The number 192 flipped upside-down gives us the number 261.

"The United States of America" = 261 (Ordinal)

This story was published 2161 days after the first Great American Eclipse and 261 days before the second:

The inverse of 261 is 162. Today is the date leaving 162 days in the year:

The United States of America has matching 1602 gematria with Indianapolis Colts.

The United States of America = 1602 Standard, Indianapolis Colts = 1602 Reverse Sumerian

The second eclipse over America, the one that passes over Indianapolis, belongs to Saros series # 139:

"America" = 139 (Reverse)

Today is the first day of the 1309th week since Rodney Thomas was born, and he’s 9,157 days old:

"Rodney Thomas" = 157 (Ordinal)

"United States" = 157 (Ordinal)

2023 & 2021 Eclipses

The Sun is an average of approximately 93 million miles from Earth, syncing up with the gematria of Indianapolis Colts:

"Indianapolis Colts" = 93 (Single Reduction)

Today is also 93 days after April’s Hybrid Eclipse:

Today is also exactly 85 weeks after the last Total solar eclipse:

"Total solar eclipse" = 85 (Single Reduction)

"Bald eagle" = 85 (Standard)

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