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Biden’s Bid to Forgive Student Loans Falls Through

SCOTUS blocks Biden's student loans plan and limits LGBTQ protections in major rulings

Biden’s Loan forgiveness plan was dealt a death blow today, June 30th, which is the 181st day of the year:

"Loan forgiveness" = 181 (Ordinal)

"Joseph Robinette" = 181 (Ordinal)

Today is 248 days before SCOTUS’s anniversary:

Sleepy Joe first announced his plan to forgive Student loans on 24/8 – the 24th of August in 2022, a date with Primary numerology of 74:(8) + (24) + (20) + (22) = 74

Student loans = 740 and Loans = 74

Biden v. Nebraska

SCOTUS issued its decision 310 (or a span of 311) days later:

Student loan forgiveness = 310 and College loans = 3111

311 is the 64th Prime number

"Joe Biden" = 64 (Ordinal)

The official case is called Biden v. Nebraska.

"Biden v Nebraska" = 64 (Single Reduction)

Nebraska is the 37th state

"Joe Biden" = 37 (Reduction)

The Supreme Court heard the case when it was a span of exactly 12209 weeks old:

"Nebraska" = 229 (Latin)

It was a span of exactly 156 years after Nebraska was admitted to the Union:

"Biden v Nebraska" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian)

Joe Biden has matching 145 gematria with Nebraska, which is a number that connects his presidency to the Moon.

Joe Biden and Nebraska both = 145

Joe Biden was exactly 1045 Sidereal months (lunar orbits) old when he became President:

223 / 322

Today is exactly 2 years, 23 days after Biden took office and a span of 223 days after his birthday:

We’re halfway through the year 2023, the Skull and Crossbones year.

"Skull and Crossbones" = 223 (Ordinal)

Inauguration Day falls 322 days after SCOTUS’s anniversary:

The Skull and Bones secret society is headquartered at Yale University, which turns 322 years old later this year. The Supreme Court dealt Biden a blow 101 days before Yale’s 322nd anniversary:

"Biden" = 101 (Reverse)

101 is the 26th Prime number

"Nebraska" = 26 (Reduction)

Supreme Court & “Joe Biden”

"Biden" = 34 (Ordinal)

Biden became the president 304 days before his birthday:

The Supreme Court was first entrenched on March 4th, or 3/04, the 63rd day of the year. Today is June 30th, or 6/30. The Supreme Court made a 6-3 ruling.

President Biden is a span of 144 days before his birthday:

President Biden = 144 and 234, President Joe Biden = 1108 Latin

Today is 234 years, 118 days after the Supreme Court was established:

This is being hailed as a win for Republicans, who are led by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy was elected as House Speaker 174 days ago:

President Joe Biden and Joe Biden = 174

President Joe Biden released his plan 1 year, 7 months, 4 days after taking office and span of 174 days after SCOTUS’s anniversary:

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