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Huge “9/11” Riddles in Domingo Germán’s Perfect Game

Last night, Domingo Germán threw a Perfect game for the New York Yankees against the hapless Oakland Athletics. See my first post if you haven’t already.

That post discusses the wealth of connections to the number 99. 99 = 9×11, and New York was the primary site of the 9/11 attacks.

The game finished with a score of 11-0:

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the 11th state, formed the number 11 in the city’s skyline. Both buildings were 110 stories, and the North tower had a 110-meter antenna. The complex was built by Rockefeller and destroyed on the 11th by Osama bin Laden on 9/11.

Rockefeller, Osama bin Laden, and Nine one one all = 110 Ordinal

World Trade Center construction began in ’68, which was the Oakland A’s first year in Oakland after moving there from Kansas City. In that season, Catfish Hunter threw a Perfect game against the Minnesota Twins.

The Athletics were also on the wrong end of the first Perfect game during the “modern era” of baseball when Cy Young tossed one in 1904 when they were still based in Philadelphia.

September eleventh and Two thousand one both = 194 Ordinal

The two aircraft that struck the World Trade Center were Flights 11 and 175.

11 + 175 = 186

Last night was the date leaving 186 days in the year:

The 186th Prime number is 1109


The last pitcher to throw a Perfect game in MLB prior to this was Félix Hernández of the Seattle Mariners. In 2001, the same year as the 9/11 attacks, the Seattle Mariners won 116 games, but lost to New York in the ALCS.

Germán’s full name has Satanic gematria of 911.

"Domingo German Polanco" = 911 (Satanic)

Last night’s game was 9 months, 11 days before Felix’s birthday, which is also the next Total eclipse:

Total Eclipse sums to 911 in Greek Isopsephy:

Domingo threw his perfecto a span of 1 month, 19 days before the anniversary of Felix’s:

Domingo’s Perfect game was called by Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka.

Germán was born 119 weeks after Higashioka:

"Kyle Harris Higashioka" = 119 (Reverse Reduction)

If you turn the number 911 upside-down, you get 116. Domingo Germán made his Major League debut in 2017 on Junen 11th, written 11/6 or 6/11.

"Perfect" = 116 (Reverse)

Last night fell a span of 11 years, 16 days after the last Perfect game in California:

Not only did Seattle throw a Perfect game in 2012 – they were also the victim of a Perfect game thrown by Philip Humber. This was the only time in history that a team was involved in to Perfectos in the same season.

Hernandez threw his Perfect game 116 days after Humber’s Perfect game:

"Felix Abraham Hernandez Garcia" = 1106 (Fibonacci)

Hernández’s full name

Saint Dominic was 611 months old when he died:

Félix Hernández was born a span of 6 years, 119 days (or exactly 330 weeks) before Domingo Germán:

911 is the 156th Prime number

The World Trade Center was destroyed 33 years after construction began.

"Thirty three" = 156 (Ordinal)

"Perfect" = 156 (Fibonacci)

The World Trade Center fell 156 days after Hernandez’s birthday, when he was 185 months old:

World Trade Center and Solomon's Temple both = 185

Last night’s Perfecto was thrown in California, which was admitted to the Union in 1850:

Both September eleventh and Two thousand one have matching 194 gematria with Saint Dominic.

Saint Dominic = 194 and 77

Both Domingo and David Cone sum to 77 and 41.

Domingo and David Cone both = 77 and 41

September eleventh, when the World Trade Center was destroyed, had Primary numerology of 41:

September eleventh = 77, World Trade Center = 77 and 185, Eleven to nothing = 77, 185, and 1179

The 41st Prime number is 179

The Yankees won by a score of Eleven to nothing on a date with Primary numerology of 77, which was also the 179th day of the year:(6) + (28) + (20) + (23) = 77

"Seattle Mariners" = 179 (Ordinal)

The Dominican Republic first declared independence 179 years ago:

More Alignments

September 11th is the 254th day on the calendar:

Germán was a span of 2540 days old for David Cone’s no-hitter:

World Trade Center and Seattle Washington both = 247 Reverse

Domingo was also born 247 days before Felix’s birthday:

"Felix Abraham Hernandez Garcia" = 1247 (Latin)

Domingo is the first pitcher from the Dominican Republic to throw a Perfect game.

"Dominican Republic" = 1213 (Trigonal)

1213 is the 198th Prime number

Perfect game and Oakland California both = 198

Domingo German was a span of 109 months, 8 days old for the 9/11 attacks:

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