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Former NFL Quarterback Ryan Mallett Drowns @ Age 35

Florida sheriff blasted beachgoers for ignoring warnings before ex-NFL QB Ryan Mallett's drowning Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford said he was 'beyond frustrated' with the tragic deaths in the Gulf

Quarterback Ryan Mallett spent a total of seven seasons playing in the National Football League, primarily as a backup. His last three seasons were spent playing in the Baltimore Ravens organization.

Ryan Mallett died a span of exactly 9309 weeks after The Raven was published:

"The Raven" = 939 (Latin)

Mallett was born on June 5th:

This is the same birthday as Ray Lewis III, who died earlier this month. He was the son of Ray Lewis Jr., who is far and away the best Ravens player in franchise history:

June 5th is written as 6/5

Both men died in the state of Florida.

Florida and Baltimore Raven both = 65

Seven = 65 Ordinal and 840 Latin

Ryan Mallett was born exactly Seven years (or 84 months) before Ray Lewis III:

It may be worth noting the Reduction gematria of Seven in light of the fact that Super Bowl LIX is being played in the year 2025.

Seven = 20 and 25


In the second half of my last YouTube video before my recent vacation, I discussed the ongoing riddle based on the connections between the Baltimore Ravens and the Catholic Church, which is led by the Bishop of Rome.

Baltimore Ravens = 1083 Standard, Baltimore Maryland = 183, Bishop of Rome = 183

Ryan Mallett Drowned during his 1830th week since birth:

"Drowned" = 1083 (Latin)

The word Drowned also has matching gematria with Mallett.

Drowned and Mallett both = 83 and 106

He died on 27/6

"Mallett" = 276 (Latin)

"Baltimore Maryland" = 276 (Reverse)

Using that significant Latin cipher, Ryan Mallett sums to 797.

"Ryan Mallett" = 797 (Latin)

797 is the 139th Prime number

He died a span of 139 days after the Baltimore Ravens’ anniversary:

Ryan Mallett was born a span of 139 days after Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday:

Seven = 139 and 129, Florida = 129

The Raven was published on 1/29

Mallett was born a span of 129 days after the publish date of The Raven and died when it was 178 years old:

He died on the 178th day of the year:

10,000 Days

Mallett’s death fell exactly 10000 days after the Ravens were founded:

Ryan Mallett and Ten thousand both = 141 and 156

His death made major headlines exactly 2,141 months after The Raven was published:

His death occurred in the city of Destin, which has matching 141 gematria with Poe.

"Destin" = 141 (Capitals Mixed)

"Poe" = 141 (Satanic)

Mallett was born on the 157th day of a leap year:

He wore numbers 15 and 7 during his career:

His drowning has been deemed an Accident.

"Accident" = 157 (Reverse)

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