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Major “Eclipse” Riddle in Vegas Golden Knights’ Stanley Cup Win

See my first post on the Golden Knights’ championship

This year, the Cup was won by Bill Foley‘s Golden Knights, who have matching gematria with Lord Stanley.

"Cup" = 145 (Satanic)

"Bill Foley" = 145 (Reverse)

Golden Knights and Lord Stanley both = 145 and 62

They captured his Cup on the eve of the date he died – a date with Primary numerology of 62:(6) + (13) + (20) + (23) = 62

The Stanley Cup was named after Lord Stanley of Preston, who died in Holwood, UK.

"The Stanley Cup" = 182 (Reverse)

"Holwood" = 1082 (Latin)

Lord Stanley would have been 182 years old:

"John Madden" = 182 (Reverse)

John Madden

In December of 2021, legendary football coach John Madden died on the same date as Harry Reid. This was noteworthy because Madden, who refused to fly on an airplane, coached the Raiders, who now play in Las Vegas. Two weeks before they died, Las Vegas renamed its airport after Harry Reid.

Madden’s middle name was Earl. Lord Stanley was the Earl of Derby.

John Earl Madden died a span of exactly 1 year, 24 days before the win:

"John Earl Madden" = 124 (Ordinal)

It was the Knights88th playoff game in franchise history.

John Madden and Knights both = 88 Ordinal

Lord Stanley / JFK

Back in 2020, I made this post explaining how the 2017 Vegas shooting was connected to the 1963 JFK assassination.

The Vegas Golden Knights’ Stanley Cup victory in Game 5 this week was a clear riddle connected to the trophy’s namesake, Lord Stanley, who was born in London, UK and became the 16th Earl of Derby.

Stanley and Sixteen both = 96, 93, 39, and 33

"London UK" = 106 (Ordinal)

"Earl" = 106 (Latin)

"Harry Reid" = 106 (Ordinal)

John Earl Madden, who died the same date as Harry Reid, won his only Super Bowl on a date with Primary numerology of 106:

These Finals marked the end of the NHL’s 106th season of play.

JFK would have been a span of 106 years, 16 days old:

The Vegas shooting fell 106 days 15 weeks, 1 day) before  Frederick Stanley’s birthday:

Frederick Stanley died 151 days after his birthday:

Luxor Las Vegas opened on the 15th of October, written 15/10 or 10/15 (more on the Luxor below). Lord Stanley was born on the 15th of January, written 15/1 or 1/15:

Their victory fell a span of exactly 115 years after Lord Stanley died:

They defeated the Panthers.

"Panthers" = 115 (Reverse)

Killing = 115 Reverse and 115 Latin

The Killing of JFK by an Assassin in a Warehouse fell on a date with Primary numerology of 115:(11) + (22) + (19) + (63) = 115

Assassin and Warehouse both = 115

JFK Riddle

720 is a ridiculously-important number of the Moon. Recall that the first Moon landing was made on July 20th, or 7/20. It was just a few months before the end of the decade, which was the deadline given to us by President John F. Kennedy.

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting actually occurred within the limits of Paradise, Nevada.

"Paradise Nevada" = 720 (Sumerian)

In that incident, someone allegedly fired a gun from a high-rise building. Perhaps the most famous assassination from a building occurred in 1963 when we’re told Oswald killed Kennedy during the 666th month after Lord Stanley’s death.

The Las Vegas shooting was exactly 720 Sidereal months (or 666 Lunar phases) after the JFK assassination:

The Moon and Sin City both = 90 and 99

666 is so important to The Moon, I have a whole PDF file to explain it.

Stephen Paddock = 60 and 66

Stephen Paddock was born on a date with Standard numerology of 66:(4) + (9) + (53) = 66

The Cup victory fell a span of 66 days after his birthday:

These numbers are also found in the name of the Knights’ head coach.

Bruce James Cassidy = 60 and Bruce Cassidy = 66

Frederick Stanley was the Earl of Derby.

"Earl of Derby" = 666 (Sumerian)

Eclipse Code

Mathematics of the Circle = 666 Latin and 216 Ordinal

6×6×6 = 216
The Knights were founded in 2016

The Moon’s equatorial diameter is exactly 2160 miles:

The former Earl of Derby died on June 15th, 1908, the date of a Lunar Eclipse.

Lord Stanley died a span of 216 days before his birthday:

Vegas won the Cup 216 days before Lord Stanley’s birthday:

"Earl" = 216 (Sumerian)

JFK was born on the date leaving 216 days in the year:

When gunfire rang out, the performer on stage was Jason Aldean.

Jason Aldean was a span of 216 days after his birthday:

The Knights won the Cup exactly 216 weeks before the next Eclipse from Saros 136:

Notice how that Eclipse travels over the Middle East. The nearest major city to the Greatest Eclipse Point is Luxor, Egypt:

The Las Vegas shooting occurred across the street from the Luxor Hotel and Casino:

That Eclipse belongs to the infamous Saros # 136, which I suggest is the most significant Saros series of all. Not only was this the Saros that gave us the Total Eclipse over Wuhan, China (coronavirus), but it actually began back on 13/6 of the year 1360 (western hemisphere).

The Knights won the Stanley Cup on 13/6

"Stanley Cup" = 136 (Ordinal)

Stanley Cup and Solar eclipse both = 134 and 53

The Knights won the Cup 86 Lunar phases after Las Vegas got a franchise:

Las Vegas and Luna both = 86

They defeated the Florida Panthers.

"Florida Panthers" = 86 (Reverse Reduction)

Moon and Florida both = 170 Latin

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