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John Madden Dies @ 85

John Madden's unexpected death shakes up NFL world

Although the media is reporting that the death of John Madden was unexpected, those of us who understand numerology knew this would be coming. Check out my recent live stream from November (1:07:00) that explained why Madden, who coached the Raiders to a Super Bowl championship, was likely to die within the next year as part of the riddle involving the Las Vegas Raiders going to Super Bowl 57. Recall how Raiders FB Steve Smith died the same day Bo Jackson was added to the cover of Madden.

On the same day that Madden died, former head of Democrat Senators Harry Reid died:Harry Reid, lion of Senate Democrats, has died at age 82

Not only did Reid represent Nevada, where he was born, but the Las Vegas airport was renamed after him just two weeks before he died:


An airport is a hub for Travelers. The ancient Greek god of Travelers was Mercury:

Notice how Mercury was also the god of Communication. That’s relevant to John Madden, who spent over 25 years explaining the world’s most technical sport to a worldwide audience.

Mercury is considered the “messenger” because is the planet that orbits the Sun in the least amount of time, just 88 days. Additionally, the Magic Square of Mercury is 8×8:

Super Bowl 57 falls 57 days before what would have been John Madden’s 88th birthday.

John Madden = 88 Ordinal and John Earl Madden = 888 Jewish

The very first Madden video game was released in the year ’88:John Madden Football is a football video game originally released for the Apple II, in 1988 following the success of Earl Weaver Baseball.

The game’s release date was June 1st, which falls in the time of Gemini, ruled by Mercury. The other sign ruled by Mercury is Virgo, which is when the NFL season begins.

Las Vegas = 86 and 130 Ordinal

Madden had 103 career regular season wins
Super Bowl 57 ends the 103rd NFL season

Madden died on 12/28, which fell 103 days before his 86th birthday on 4/10:

"Madden" = 41 (English Ordinal)

Mercury is closely-associated with Jesus the Messiah.

"Jesus the Messiah" = 1331 (Jewish)

Madden was born 1331 days before Harry Reid:

All Madden on Christmas

His death has curious timing. Just three days before he died, FOX aired a special documentary called All Madden on Christmas, the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth:'ALL MADDEN' CAPTURES JOHN MADDEN'S IMPACT ON NFL

"Christmas" = 411 (Jewish)

He died in Pleasanton, CA.

"Pleasanton, CA" = 411 (Jewish)

While Madden is the most beloved coach in Raiders history, perhaps the opposite could be said for Jon Gruden, who lost his job as the Raiders head coach in October after some unflattering e-mails of his surfaced. Both coaches share a first name, and their names end with “-den“.

Madden died 4 months, 11 days after Gruden’s birthday, and 411 days before Super Bowl 57:

John Madden Football‘s initial release was on a date with Primary numerology of 114:(6) + (1) + (19) + (88) = 114

The documentary was called All Madden. The first-ever Super Bowl capped the ’66 NFL season.

All Madden = 66 Ordinal and NFL = 66 Jewish

Gruden was born 9990 days after Madden:

This contains an upside-down 666, which is the sum of the Magic Square of the Sun, which is representative of Jesus, the Son of God:

Jesus was resurrected into Heaven on the third day after crucifixion.
Madden died three days after his documentary aired on Christmas.
Christmas fell three days after the release of Matrix Resurrections. On that holiday, Aaron Rodgers, who dressed up as Matrix lead actor Keanu Reeves for Halloween, broke Brett Favre‘s all-time Packer touchdown record.
John Madden was notorious for his love for Brett Favre, who was born in 1969, the same year Madden was hired. Favre was 19069 days old when All Madden aired on television.

John Madden died 232 days after the birthday of his broadcast partner Pat Summerall, and 232 days before Jon Gruden’s birthday:

"John Madden" = 232 (English Extended)

Madden NFL

John Madden Football was first released on June 1st, the date written 6/1:

He died yesterday on a date with Standard numerology of 61:(12) + (28) + (21) = 61

John Earl Madden just had a documentary about his life air on Christmas. The QB for the Las Vegas Raiders is Derek Carr, and Madden died the same day as Harry Reid.

John Earl Madden, Christmas, Las Vegas Raiders, Derek Carr, and Harry Reid all = 61

Madden won one Super Bowl during his time with the Raiders.

"Super Bowl XI" = 61 (Reverse Reduction)

61 is the 18th Prime number
The Raiders won Super Bowl XI by 18 points

Madden died on a date with numerology of 18:1+2 + 2+8 + 2+0+2+1 = 18

Perhaps no one name is more synonymous with any sport than Madden is with the National Football League, as his death at 85 shows.

"National Football League" = 85 (Full Reduction)

The NFL is a 32-team league. Madden, who became the league’s youngest coach in history at age 32, won his only Super Bowl by an unusual score of 3214:

NFL = 32 and 14

Bruce Davis

For nearly half a century, the Raiders were owned by one of the most colorful personalities in football, Al Davis. Just one day before the death of John Madden was announced, we learned that Raiders lineman Bruce Davis, who won two Super Bowls with the team during the 80’s, passed away:Raiders Family mourns passing of Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis and Madden both = 104 and 41

Madden was born on April 10th (4/10 or 10/4)

Both men died 104 days before Madden’s birthday:

John also died a span of 263 days after his last birthday:

It was 12,263 days after John Madden Football:

263 is the 56th Prime number

His next birthday falls on a date with Primary numerology of 56:(4) + (10) + (20) + (22) = 56

Bruce Davis was born in ’56
The next Super Bowl is LVI – 56

Madden’s death fell 56 days after Raiders WR Henry Ruggs’ crash:

"Harry Reid" = 56 (Reverse Reduction)

"Super Bowl XI" = 56 (Full Reduction)

John Madden died 47 days before Super Bowl 56:

John and John Madden both = 47

The Moon

John Madden was first hired as the Raiders’ head coach in 1969, the same year as the first Moon landing. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the same year as Warren Moon. His Video game franchise now has exclusive rights to the NFL.

"Video game" = 81 (English Ordinal)

Madden died on a date with Primary numerology of 81:(12) + (28) + (20) + (21) = 81

Moon Magic Square = 81 in Single and Reverse Reduction

There are 81 squares in the Magic Square of the Moon, which sums to 3321, the 81st Triangular number:

John died 33 years, 210 days after the release of John Madden Football:

The scientist who allegedly took us to the Moon was “Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun” = 3321. You may recall that Joe Montana was exactly 3321 weeks old for the Montana Bowl. Joe was born on a Monday was drafted in 1979, the same year as a Total Eclipse over Montana.

"The Moon" = 283 (Jewish)

283 is the 61st Prime number

Recall all the 61‘s above. “John” = 61, “John Earl Madden” = 61John Madden Football was released on 6/1 and he died on a date with 61 numerology.

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

The Moon has a 57 degree range of declination. Super Bowl 57 falls on a date with Primary numerology of 57, and will be 57 days before Madden’s 88th birthday. “John Madden” = 88, “John Earl Madden” = 888. The game will be played in 2023.

The Moon sums to 223 in Hebrew Gematria:

There are 223 lunar phases in The Moon‘s Saros cycle. This is also the Hebrew value of Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Hebrew, Las Vegas, Nevada = 223

The game falls on the date leaving 322 days in the year, 322 days after Derek Carr’s birthday, and 3202 days after he was drafted. Raiders coach Rich Bisaccia will be 2 months, 23 days before his birthday. There’s a lot more connected to Eclipses but you get the drift.

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