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Heat Blow Out Celtics in Game 7, Butler Wins Series MVP

“You mean none of these guys played better than I did?!”

It’s a grim morning in Boston. Celtics fans are sulking today, a date with Primary numerology of 78, after their miraculous comeback fell short:(5) + (30) + (20) + (23) = 78

As I explained in my video this weekend, the Boston Celtics‘ comeback from 0-3 down to tie the series was a riddle related to the 2004 Red Sox, who broke the team’s curse connected to Babe Ruth, whose real name was George Herman Ruth.

George Herman Ruth and Boston Celtics both = 78 Reverse Reduction

Butler was born 7 months, 8 days after Babe Ruth’s birthday:

Butler = 78, 84, and 407

Jimmy’s Heat held the Celtics to just 84 points, keeping them at 407 playoff wins in franchise history.

There were a total of 187 points scored in this game. Recall how this series began exactly 18 years, 7 months after the Red Sox began their reverse sweep against the New York Yankees = 187, whose coach Joe Torre was born on 18/7. The Celtics even hired Joe Mazzulla when he was exactly 1807 weeks old, while Mazzulla was born 187 days after December 26th – the date Ruth was traded to New York.

"Larry Joe Bird" = 187 (Reverse)

The Celtics hired Mazzulla exactly 894 months after Ruth died:

Consider how Joe Mazzulla was hired on February 16th, or 2/16. Last night’s game took place on May 29th, the date leaving 216 days in the year:

Butler was born a span of 2 months, 16 days after Mazzulla’s first birthday:

216 is 6×6×6


Jimmy Butler won the Eastern Conference Finals MVP Award, which was renamed to the Larry Bird Trophy last year. I didn’t even know they named the trophy after Bird when I made this post, which showed how Bird’s numbers were relevant to this year’s playoffs, particularly through the number 666.

"Six six six" = 1197 (Latin)

Larry Bird is 11970 days older than Jimmy Butler:

In Reverse Reduction, 666 sums to 103.

"Six hundred sixty six" = 103 (Reverse Reduction)

Game 7 was played a span of 103 days after Mazzulla’s hiring:

Mazzulla’s next game will be his 103rd as head coach. Miami won with 103 points – the same score they lost with the previous game. This is another number heavily trending this year with Babe Ruth, who was born on a date with Standard numerology of 103:(2) + (6) + (95) = 103

Technically, until December, it’s still been 103 years:

George Herman Babe Ruth = 103 and 347, Thirteen = 347

The first winner of the Larry Bird Trophy was fellow Celtics player Jayson Tatum.

Tatum was born less than a month after Babe would have turned 103 years old:

103 represents 13 in numerology. The number Thirteen has matching gematria with Miami.

Thirteen and Miami both = 45 and 99

The halftime score was 52-41, meaning 93 points were scored in the first half.

"George Herman Ruth" = 93 (Reduction)

Ruth would have been 93 years old when Mazzulla was born:


Babe Ruth was born in 1895.

"Thirty three" = 895 (Latin)

The Heat barely escaped the series, which Boston was able to tie at 3-3. Jimmy Butler is 33 years old. As I commonly point out, this is a number intricately-linked to the 666 code.

"Boston Celtics" = 156 (Ordinal)

Jimmy Butler was 33 years, 156 days old when Joe Mazzulla was hired:

The 33rd Prime number is 137

In Ordinal, Bird = 33 and Larry Joe and Bird = 137

Babe Ruth died on the date leaving 137 days in the year:

The first Larry Bird Trophy winner, Jayson Tatum, was born on March 3rd, or 3/3:

Jayson Tatum = 33, Jayson = 33, Tatum = 33

Tatum’s middle name is Christopher, which means “Christ-bearer.”

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ = 303, Crucifixion of Jesus Christ = 303 and 123

He has birth numerology of both 33 and 123, which is the date leaving 303 days on the calendar:3 + 3 + 1+9+9+8 = 33 and (3) + (3) + (19) + (98) = 123

He was born in 1998
1998 is 666×3

Why Does This Line Up?!

To begin this post, I mentioned how Boston Celtics78 and George Herman Ruth = 78, and today has 78 numerology, even though the game was last night. As it turns out, there’s more fascinating alignments with May 30th.

Boston and Red Sox both = 77 Reverse

Boston Celtics = 777 Fibonacci and 156 Ordinal

Today is a span of 37777 days after Babe Ruth was traded, or 156 days after the anniversary:

May 30th is written as 5/30.

Boston Red Sox = 53 and 154

Game 7 fell 154 days after the date the Red Sox traded Ruth:

Jimmy Butler was born 15004 days after the Babe passed away:

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